Sunday, June 2, 2013

Incredible Weekend- Just what I needed

It is 10:36 PM as I start this post.  For the last three days I have had a few blog post ideas percolating.  Even tonight, I have so much to share but as we are so busy living our life, I am finding no time to write about it. 
I will say this......this weekend was amazing.  Mostly we stayed home.  We moved our bodies.  We went for walks.  We cheered on our girls at their dance recital.  This was a weekend of family and being good to ourselves.
And in an effort to start the work week out right, I am refusing to stay up late tonight.  Tomorrow I am hoping to get in some photo editing and blog time.  
I will share just a few pics from our 2.75 mile family walk.  Even Miss Olaya walked the entire thing.  Keaton was thrilled as we started back down the trail that he did it.  My family was all together, making memories and moving.  
My cup is full!!!!
Hope you all had a great weekend.  Let's make this a fabulous week. 

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