Monday, February 11, 2013

One Foot In Front Of The Other

Home for lunch, determined to get something posted to my blog. 

so real quick........

Like many of you, I get discouraged.  I feel inadequate.  I feel my efforts are for nothing.  I struggle to see the end from the beginning.  In my life, I work hard at my job and feel my family life suffers.  I create more time for my children and I lose sight of my personal identity.  I dedicate time to my home life and my workouts take a dip.  I finally read that book I borrowed from a coworker six months ago and I forget about parent night at the school.  Do you relate? 

That said, I am truly happy with my struggle.  I see the ups and the downs as part of a journey.  It seems we are trying to reach a destination, however once there, what will we have.  It will be over. 

So yes, life is a balancing act.  There is no end point in balancing.  It is motion, movement, fluid and constant.  And.....I am ok with that.  I am ok with being right where I am, right at this given time.

Does that mean I don't continue to try?  Does that mean I look around and say this is all there is?  No.  I adjust.  I am flexible.  I dream big dreams.  I love harder.  I forgive more of myself and others.  I practice patience.  I push myself to my limits.  I rest when I need to rest. 


whatever your journey, wherever you are......balance.  Shift your weight.  Adjust your sails.  but just keep putting one foot in front of the other. 

As I fight my way back to get to where I was with my running ability in November, as I try to be a good wife, as I work to be a better mother, sister, friend, is that simple, one foot in front of the other. 

I may be slow but I will finish this race.
Hopefully soon I will post a few pics and thoughts from the events of January 27....single mom, is single no more.