Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week In Review

If I thought the week leading up to Baltimore was crazy, this last week took the GOLD.

Sunday, I left Baltimore and all my FitBloggin family long before most of them were even awake.  I had an early flight to Denver. 

Sunday and Monday I spent splashing in pools, drove to the sights, ate at some local favorites and hiked and hiked and hiked.  Actually, it was walked and walked and walked.  The trails were all paved. 

Garden of the Gods is a beautiful place to spend the day.  The weather was perfect.  A little overcast.  Slight breeze.

Garden of the Gods

Check out the two guys-
in my mind they are playing cards

Siamese Twins

 After, Garden of the Gods we ventured over to some wind caves.  Lots of stairs and lots of fun.  Wish my littles could have been there.  That is the bad thing of traveling without my kids.  Everything I see makes me want them there.


And then it was time to get home.  HOME HOME HOME never sounded so good.

Tuesday night was choir practice at the university.  I was exhausted from yet another long day of traveling.  This choir is tough.  Somehow I got through it.

Now for the fun stuff.......WORKOUTS!!!

Check out Wednesday workout with Kort.

Nothing says welcome home quite like Kort telling me I get to drag, pull, toss an 80 lb punching bag across the gym floor. 

Taron was at home freaking out, practicing, preparing for his debate team try out, so Keaton and I hit the gym on our own.  Can you see Keaton there in the top left corner ready to do squats on the RIP60. 

Wednesday Workout
 Don't let the smile on my face fool you.  Dragging that bag was HARD.  I tried it pulling and dragging.  Both made my legs burn in different places, equally as much!!!

Later that night I ran on the HS track while we waited for Taron to audition.  Figured I was there, might as well make the best of my time.  Since seriously starting this 5K training, I have been mostly working on the treadmill.  Very different to be on the track.  Felt good to be out there but I was definitely a little slower....and I am not fast slow to begin with. a good Friday night sweat.  Best way to start the weekend.  This time Taron was on a scout over nighter so Keaton was with me again.  Love that boy!!! He is the best workout partner.

Wednesday was lower body.  Friday was full body workout.

If anyone has a chance to join us on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, come on out.  We love Spencer King Athletics.  Kort is the best trainer.  He can push us but not make me feel bad.  He has a way about him that just makes me want to push for the best that is in me.  (Part of it could be that he is so dang cute, but really, come out and see for yourself.  SHHHHH don't tell him I said that.)
 And again, since I didn't make it to the gym for my 5 a.m. run, after I got the kids dinner and settled in for a movie, I zipped over to Gold's to punch out my 3 miles.

Where is everyone???  Oh, yes, Friday night.  When you are a single mom, you forget what Friday means to other people.  :)  No worries, even better for me to focus on my task with no distractions.

FINALLY!!! I have actually been doing the 5K trainer segment twice to hit 3 miles.  It is taking me about 45 minutes.....told you, I am slow.  This week I FINALLY completed week 3.  It only took me 3 months.  Once I set my goal, I did it in one week....and that was with traveling Monday and Tuesday.

Saturday I was way to sore from the weeks strength workouts to go for my regular City Creek hike.  I did however, make it to box aerobics.

Great week all things considered.

Looking ahead:

I will be traveling again most of the week.  Training takes me to Boise.  With the Color Run on October 27, I have set a goal to abstain from wheat and sugar until then.  I want to be 27 days clean the day of the run.  With traveling for work right off the start, this may be difficult.  All of our meals are through the training. 

Never fear.  Preparation is here. 

I am planning to take a bunch of tuna pouches to have over salad and hard boiled eggs and lots of fruit.  There is usually some sort of vegetable to eat there.

The hotel is nestled right along the green belt so I am going to be running after training each night.

I can do this.  In the past these events have caused me panic.  I give in and just say I have to eat what foods they offer. 

Yet, if I want to be good to myself during the training, I must prepare today. 

So with that, I better get cutting up some pineapple (sweet treat for at night), cantaloupe and plan out my menu.

Are you looking ahead to what your week will look like?  What challenges are you preparing for?

What are your goals for the week.

Two of mine....complete couch to 5K trainer week 4 and stay wheat and sugar free.

Loves to you all!!!  I am cheering you all the way!

FitBloggin Friday- My Thoughts

Day two was all about the workouts.  As I went to sleep Thursday night I had every intention of getting up at 5:30 for 6 a.m. yoga.  However, after no sleep for two days I was REALLY wanting to stay in bed another hour when the alarm went off. 
Thanks to my awesome roommate, Heather, I jumped, sprung, dashed, rolled out of bed and stumbled into my workout clothes.

Heather and I heading to class
seriously-how was I smiling
 Truthfully, I love yoga.  Always have.  I did want to be there.  And I kept telling myself sleep is for when I get home (that hasn't happened yet).  I paid the money to be here.....get as much in as possible.
Pre-yoga...not quite awake but happy to be here

 Yoga class was a true foreshadowing of the greatness to come in the day.  It was a tough but do able workout.  I was energized and ready for more.

After yoga I stopped for an amazing Weight Watchers sponsored breakfast. Had some turkey sausage and fruit.  Opted out on the oatmeal.  :)

Next up....Crossfit.

If you don't know much about crossfit this workout may have been disappointing to some.  Crossfit is not done for an hour.  It is short bursts of high energy moves only done for 6-20 minutes.
Crossfit prep
 The actual session was one minute of squats.  Rest one minute while partner does them.
One minute of sit ups.  Rest one minute.
One minute of burpees. Rest one minute.

Actual workout time was 6 minutes.  Crazy. Don't tell me we didn't work hard. 
I have been doing similar workouts at my gym.  We do circuit training so this class was challenging yet something I was prepared for.
My workout partner-
sadly I don't know who she is
(if someone can tell me, that would be great)

 This moment was a little crazy for me.  Having followed their blogs for the last 5 months meant I was a little awe struck to work out with them.  Beautiful, strong women.  Makes me happy.

Kate and Tiffany
standing next to me!!!

After this was a presentation about Chocolate Milk.  I am still a little skeptical about offering up sugar to my children with the idea that it is "healthy".  However, I do understand given the CHOICE between a gatoraid type drink and chocolate mile....yes, milk is a better alternative.  It has the electrolytes needed to refuel plus vitamins and minerals.  Yet, white milk and a banana or strawberries is even better.

I will continue to work this one out in my head.

We did another aerobic class with bands and discs.  It was great.  Felt pushed.  I was certainly tired after the third work out. 

The highlight of the day came from the session : Discussion: Self Acceptance and Weight Loss with Shauna Reid, Karen Anderson and Mara Glatzel.

So much of this journey is finding where I fit in with me.  Not allowing a family member, a man, my faith, my job, food.....define me.  This entire process is about being authentically me.  Felling good in my skin.  Yet, giving myself the freedom and environment to change the things I want to change.

For so long I have struggled with liking the body I have.  I broke it into pieces, criticizing every last part.  Comparing it to some fictitious standard. 

When in all reality, I have a pretty amazing home for my soul.  It does what I ask it to do.  Through years of neglect and abuse, my body still responds when I say to move.  It houses my heart.  It is able to pull my littles close when they need comfort. 

Gratitude is where my acceptance has started.  Grateful for today and what I have been given.  Sure I can strive for better.  You bet!!  I can push hard.  I can be strong.  When all is said and done, my body is a gift. For the first time in YEARS....YEARS....I can run my hands up my arms, give myself a squeeze and soak in the moment I am one with my body.  I can feel my mind, body and spirit working together in a perfect combination of drive, comfort and surprise.

Friday night was a break from the conference and a night out with a forever friend. 

More on that on my next installment.  Time to ready the littles for church.

Happy Sunday everyone!  Take care of you!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

FitBloggin 2012 My Thoughts

Today makes almost a week since I was surrounded by a family of strangers. 

I do mean family.  Even as my fingers stroke the keys to type the word FitBloggin, my eyes get warm and the tears starts to flow.

It was April and I had stumbled upon a weightloss blog of sorts.  Maybe she struck a cord with me because we share the same name.  Maybe it was because she was 275 lbs when she decided to make a change and I was 279 lbs.  I don't know what it was but her words flowed through me and pulled me into her story.  I cried. I laughed.  I rejoiced.  I sorrowed as I read her posts.  Post after post. 

Then I saw a link on the side of her blog.  It said .  That was the first time I heard of what what I have now found, changed my life. 

At that point I believe I had lost 20 or so pounds.  I viewed the website.  I read each page.  Devoured the list of people that had already purchased tickets.  For days I stayed up late linking to blog after blog of people sharing their story, their journey.

I wanted to be there with them at FitBloggin. 

I purchased a ticket.

I purchased my ticket to meet Tara and Meegan.  I stayed for me.

To share what the weekend meant to me, I would have to do some sort of Star Trek mind meld.  And I don't even know how to do that.  When people talk about points in their life that changed everything......this is one of those times.

I could give you a list of the events I attended.  I could detail all the workouts.  Share pictures of all the amazing food, swag bag treats and hugs (oh so many hugs).  But it is mine.  It is so deep within my soul, I am afraid putting it out in the world would somehow lesson the value it has to me.  Inside, it only belongs to me.  Once I write it, post it, the world can criticize.  They can try to take away or change what warms my heart.

Yet, I also have such a strong desire to document what is real to me.  This weekend can not be taken away no matter what is said or done after I hit publish. 

I am very aware that one day, the emotional supportive high I am feeling will start to waver.  My conviction and dream will be clouded with guilt, despair and negativity.  I write so that when that happens, I can return here and maybe, just maybe, feel strong again.

Thursday, Sept 20, 2012

I didn't sleep Wednesday night.  I was to excited.  To scared.  To frazzled.  In order to make my early flight out of Salt Lake City, I had to leave town at 3 in the morning.  No point going to sleep when I was still shopping at Walmart at 11 pm buying new workout clothes.

A great friend offered to drive me the 2.5 hours to the airport so that I could maybe rest on the drive.  No such luck.

No airport food for me.

The beauty of FitBloggin started the moment I got off my flight.  Right away I ran into Mandy as we were both trying to navigate the train that would take us to our hotel.

Upon arriving at the hotel two of my three roommates were already there. It was great to enter the opening social with Stephanie and Karen.

My Roomies

I have to admit, I felt a little out of sorts at this social.  At this point I had been awake for over 24 hours and over the course of Thursday I had drank a protein shake for breakfast and eaten 6 packages of Delta Airlines peanuts. I can not be held accountable for the awkwardness I may have exhibited.  Sorry Elley!!!!

This event was a hug fest.  I sat back to some degree and watched reunions happening from every direction. (Hope it is that way for me next year.)  I saw people walking up to each other and intoducing themselves.  For the most part I was an observer.  Normally I am pretty outgoing.  Maybe the lack of sleep.  The lack of calories had me in a haze.

However, I promised myself I would make every effort to thank Tara and Meegan for sharing their journey.

And that I did!!!

This is Tara and Meegan.
Beyond thrilled to stand next to these women!!
I left the event pretty quick.  Needed food, BAD.  Glad I did.  This is what awaited us just outside our hotel.

View Outside

FitBloggin Swag
my shoes are my favorite!!! Thanks @Reebok
can you even see the yoga
I was going to do this all in one post. Just not going to happen.  Between taking care of my littles, writing, linking and now needing to get ready to look at homes (cross your fingers I find something), I am not pouring it out as fast as I would like.  Stay tuned for day 2.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I can't even begin to explain my excitement and fear over leaving my little Idaho and heading East for Baltimore, Maryland.

Somehow I decided to register over four months ago and now it is here. I am posting from my cell so I can't add links to all the amazing people I have been cyber stalking the last year or so.

I am humbled, thrilled, awe struck to rub shoulders w these men and women I call everyday heroes. I hear the conference is full of hugs and lots of sharing.

I can't wait to meet my three roommates. Hoping they like me. Hoping I like them...not really worried there....I have been following them the last couple of months. They each bring unique thought to this journey we all share.

I'll be posting to instagram and Facebook through the conference.

I leave at 3 in the morning for the airport. Phew!!! Not sat away and so much to do.

Be good to you today!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Sunday??? Already?? 

Day by day this has been one of the longest weeks on record.  Yet, I also can't figure out where it went.  Time is moving at warp speed and some days it is all I can do just to keep the pace.  Ever feel that way?

This week has been consumed with grief over my dog being struck by a car last week and leaving us, teenage children making choices that have had BIG consequences, confronting another teenager in the neighborhood and a discussion w his mother (never enjoy those), over load at work, preparing for travel to FitBloggin this coming week, dating (should be a good thing but I am TIRED of the effort it takes to get to know new people and share who I am), made an offer on a house (they countered, now I need to respond) and daily stresses.

So if I am absent a bit, trust that I am fighting the good fight each and every day.  I may be a little delinquent in posting as much as I would like.  I do try to post to my FB page each day.  I can be found at "WorthEveryOunce" on FB.

With all that, I did want to share some pictures from Monday's obstacle course at the gym.  I LOVE THIS GYM!!  The kids and I all go together every day after work.  I just can not say enough about how wonderful it is to have a gym where we can all work out together.

Keaton was the first to go.
First station was to run the rope ladder.
Next, 15 jumps w the heavy rope.
Carrying 6 sand bags back and forth (twice)  HURT!!!
 Next, 5 pushups-chest to medicine ball
then army crawl to the next medicine ball
 Next up, Taron.

 From there it was weighted lunges across the gym and back.
Followed by climbing over, jumping over
or just getting over three boxes
 15 swings of the kettle bell

 And finish with a flip of the TIRE!!

 For being a 3 minute 17 second workout,
I was drenched.
My heart raced for almost an hour after we finished.
Even Miss Olaya took a hand in the challenge.
Shout out to Sueann for taking cell phone pics during the obstacle course.
Not the most flattering photos but what an experience to capture.
The kids and I love looking at these pictures.
Also, huge cheers for Kort our trainer.  As you can see, he was next to us at each station every step of the way...pushing, encouraging, cheering.  He is awesome.  He pushes times to the verge of tears.  Not because he demands to much, but because he believes I can do it.
Thanks Kort!!!

Happy Sunday everyone! I am off to get in a quick run and then prepare for church.

Looking forward to a week of busy happenings.
Work, getting kids to dance, scouts, gym and all the regular happenings.  Plus, prepare for Baltimore trip on Thursday and a fun stop in Denver Sunday on my way back.

What things are you preparing for this week?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Stay the Course

Today is September 1, meaning time to weigh in.  Which means, confession time.  Full disclosure.  In an effort to be transparent I gotta share.
My pattern seems to be hit a new weight loss low and then spend 2-3 weeks going up and down, up and down.  Little binges.  Not staying on plan. Never getting below that new low number.  The swings can be as high as 8 lbs (this last time).  So 1) I am not being honest in staying away from the scale except for on the 1 & 15 and 2) I am binging to celebrate my loss...makes sense right?!?!
Two things I am going to work on this next little while for sure. 
 I want to be honest with myself, those that read this and those that support my efforts. This back and forth stuff has to stop.  I know it is part of my food addiction.  As I push through to new goals, I will work hard to tackle this behavior.  I will turn this defect over and let HIM guide me though it. 
This week I have struggled with my chosen path to desired outcome.  Don't get me wrong.  Fueling my body with what it needs and pushing my body every day, has me feeling emotionally and physically better than ever.  
Then there are the moments where I want my results to be more evident on the scale.  I want to say I have lost 40 lbs., 50 lbs., 60 lbs.  I want my clothes to drown me.  I want people to be able to see my efforts in the changes of my body.
That said, I have some friends that have lost over 100 lbs each (and counting) with gastric bypass surgery.  One of my previous co-workers has lost 41 lbs with HCG shots in 5 weeks.  I see people losing weight through detox's, green drinks, Body by V shakes and so forth.  I CELEBRATE all their efforts.  I do.  I see them working to their goals, no matter what the path, and I cheer them on.  Envious even.  I celebrate it so much that I start to think, maybe I need a little kick start.  Maybe I could do the shots from today until I leave for Baltimore and be down 20 lbs in 20 days. 
For a moment the push for a quick fix pulls me in.
Then I remember what I am doing this for.  It is no longer JUST about weight loss.  Certainly it is a part.  I won't deny that.  However, it is about my emotional well being.  It is entirely about being an example to my children.  It is about no more plantar fasciitis.  It is about pushing my body, giving it what it has asked for.  It is about growing a healthy relationship with food.  It is about dealing with depression a natural way.  And so much more!!!
Overall, I want to lose it how I will live it.  I want my plan to be sustainable and duplicate-able.  If I can't have my kids do it, I won't be doing it.  This is a lifestyle.  I am changing 37 years of bad habits, emotional eating and complete inactivity.  More than anything, I do not want my children to struggle they way I have struggled. 
So, here I am.  FLAWED.  Full of mistakes.  So much to learn.  But, I will not give in.  I will stay the course.  It may take me years to achieve my weight loss goals.  And that is OK because this is not just about weight loss.  I can run further. Lift more.  Stretch deeper.  Think clearer.  Not to mention the time the children and I are spending together and the beautiful memories we are making. Those achievements can not be found in a quick fix.
My new motto, please remind me of it when I sway.........      

 In other news, my friend Heather joined me again for our Saturday walk/talk/run.  Since we had an amazing down pouring of rain last night, we skipped the normal hike route and went to a local walking park that has a paved course.  Let me say, running on level ground is much harder than running down the trail.  Normally we run 1.7 miles down.  Today I ran .5 miles before I needed to stop and walk again.  I must work on my run. However, we did drop our time from 20 minute walking mile to a 15 minute mile.  Not to bad.  Fitness Friends are the best.

After the run, I zipped home, grabbed my 12 year old son and we hit the gym for box aerobics.  LOVE IT!!!  Ross is great to get us working and sweating hard.  Even better to share that with my son.

By 10:30 A.M. I had got in a run, spent an hour at the gym with my boy and hit two endorphin highs.  Not to shabby!!

Now to begin Saturday chores, shopping and fun.
Oh, the weigh in.  I am down .8 lbs over my last official weigh in. 
Down 30.8 lbs total.