Monday, February 15, 2016

Rock Bottom

I have a feeling that much of what I am about to say will come out as word vomit.  Warning you now so that you don't regret jumping on this crazy train after you read this.

The last few months I have been working on my physical health.  Through encouragement, self determination and plain loathing for my current physical state, I have been getting in more workouts.  My food plan is high protein/low carb/high fat.  While I know this plan works for my body, I have not been consistent with sticking with it.
In addition, I have been battling something spiritually and emotionally.  While some of what I will touch on is based on my religion, please understand these are my choices.  No one is forcing me.  This is who I am and where I want to be . . . spiritually. 
A couple months ago, right around Thanksgiving, I committed to my faith and was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  With this has come many beautiful blessings.  It is what I have wanted for a very long time.  In addition, by getting baptized I committed to abstain from a few things.
Ok.  This part is super hard.  So much doubt, confusion and even some anger is settling in right now.  Typing this out is bringing tears with each keystroke. 
This is my truth.  I wish no harm to my family of friends that may take offense of be taken back by what I am sharing.  This is my story.  I can't hide from it.
As a teen I was always a little over weight.  Nearing my sixteenth birthday I distinctly remember my mother saying to me how happy she was it would be my sweet sixteenth and never been kissed.  Well, this wasn't the case at all.  I had kissed boys.  Then there was another conversation that I remember her telling me that she was grateful I was a little heavy because it had kept the boys away during my teen dating years.  This came after a conversation about some neighborhood girls that had gotten pregnant very young or were causing their parents stress due to their dating and boy crazy behaviors. 
The thing was...I had lots of male attention.  I had been kissed.  Much more than just kissed.  I never went without a boyfriend.  Yet somehow in my mind I associated being fat with being less desirable to the other gender.  Never would I begin to imagine my mother meant harm from her comment.  I know her reading this will not sit well.  She never meant harm.  I believe she was really meaning to say she was happy with my choices during the beginning of high hormone years.  Yet, my mind has held to that comment to this day. 
The thing is I have struggled my entire life with seeking validation through physical.  It is my way to feel loved, valued and of worth.  It is the way I show love. Touch is my language.  So without getting into to much detail, my membership in my faith was taken away because of actions of immorality.  Basically I have had sex and not been married.
Fast I am trying (like I have never tried before) to stay morally clean as I work to return to the temple. Somehow my mind interprets that as eat everything in sight because the boys will stay away if I am heavy.
There... I said it.  It is like deep down I feel if I can only get heavy enough I will no longer be a temptation to men and I can move forward with my desire to stay morally clean.  YES! I see all the flaws in that thinking.  One, no matter how heavy I have been, I have never lacked male attention. Two, it takes all the power and gives it to someone else.  
The crazy part is all these negative thoughts are happening at the same time I am working so hard to change my health.  Workouts.  Following a food plan.  Reading from personal development. 
It is enough to make me crazy.  My weight has continued to go up since the day I got baptized.  This piece of me does not trust that I can make choices that are in balance with my spiritual choices so I am self-sabotaging with food and gaining weight to become undesirable. 
I can't keep doing this.  This crazy train has to stop and I want off.  I have to find a place where I am okay taking care of my body physically (workouts, losing weight, looking and feeling good) and be able to move forward to my spiritual goals.  I want to look and feel strong and beautiful and be able to move forward with attending the temple.
And another thing....this isn't keeping the boys away.  They keep coming.  So why am I doing this to myself? 

I am aware this won't happen overnight.  I know my way of thinking has been with me for so long that it will take daily work to change it.  I am willing to do the work.  My silence the last little while has been me working through all this.  I have had to understand it to a point that I could even begin to say the words and speak my truth.    

Today is a new day.  It's my rock bottom. 
This day started with me letting a male suitor know that I wasn't interested in pursuing a relationship with him any further (actually told him as I was in the middle of writing this).  His attention and assertive actions to be with me were highly attractive.  That is where it ended.  My old way of thinking would be to allow this relationship to continue while I contorted myself to what he needed and never once asking for what I needed.  I can't do that anymore.  My value doesn't come from the man that stands beside me.  In fact it doesn't come from the absence of someone beside me.  My value is based on me.  I am finally understanding this fully.

I can find a place where my physical, emotional and spiritual goals are met. I wish pursuing one didn't mean a struggle in another.  Such is my life.  The one thing I can say is that I am not quitting.

This morning I came across a picture I posted to Facebook on this day three years ago.  I'm fighting to be her again.  That girl was fighting.  I will get back to that point and push further.  I have done it once.  I will do it again.
Okay, just a glimpse in my I type this my two littles have now joined me.  They are spraying my hair with water, combing it soft and putting crazy ponytails in it.  I think I am done being introspective for now.
Time to get after this day.
Remember, I stated at the beginning this post was a little unorganized.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I'm Not So Good At Letting Go

A few years ago I went on trip to a place that quickly captured my heart. The things I saw...the things I felt...the things I shared...the person I shared them with.  Every moment was breathtaking.  The landscape consumed all my senses.  Leaving broke my heart.  The one thing I took with me was this little piece of baked clay from a local shop filled with pieces created by local artists.  Not exactly sure what it was, I used it as a jewelry dish in my bedroom.  Since the day I returned home, every time I saw that dish my thoughts were taken back to the short time I spent in that beautiful place and the person I shared it with. 
Image Credit Here
Over time, memory of that experience began to blur.  Time has a way of changing, distorting and allowing us to forget.  Promises made.  Promises broken.
In addition, objects brake.  One day my dish dropped from my grasp.  I was holding it.  Then....I wasn't. It fell right out of my hands.  I couldn't stop it.  I watched it happen.  There was nothing I could do to keep the dish whole.
As I picked up the pieces, I swore I would glue it back together.  I would fix it.  I could do this.  As I collected the pieces off the floor it was easy to see how they fit back together.  With the right glue and extra care, I was determined to have my special dish back to normal.
However, that's not what happened.  I never bought the glue.  The broken pieces got lost.  I kept using my dish.  Every day remembering the happy time and happy place when it became mine.  I held on. I justified that even in this broken state, the dish still held value.  It still had a purpose.  Yes, it did. It still worked to some degree.  I could still place my rings and necklace in the dish each night and retrieve them each morning. Although now, I wasn't reminded of that happy place.  Each time I looked at my dish I thought of the broken.  I felt it every single time.  The thing that once reminded me of joy, now reminded me of what I once had. 
And still I kept that dish.
Until now

I kept holding on.  What purpose is served to remind myself every day of what once was or what was once promised?  How does that move me forward? 

So my beautiful dish...the color of my eyes....the clay from the land where I fell in love...purchased with a lover by my side and so many promises of a future together...this is goodbye.  You said goodbye to me so very long ago.  You told me your usefulness in my life was over long before I was ready to accept it.

I'm not good at this part . . . letting go.  I never have been even though I have had an ample share of goodbye's.  I have held to the memory of that happy time.  Although this dish brought me angst and pain it also reminded me of love, joy and hope. I can't keep having the back and forth.

It's done.  It's gone. 

No jewelry dish.  I'm letting go.    

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Learning To Care For Myself

It is so easy for me to get lost in the care of those I love.  If you are in my circle and tell me you are hurting, I will be there.  Dang, if you are not in my circle and tell me you are hurting, I will be there.  It is who I am.  This is not something I am ashamed of.  Caring for other, meeting the needs of others, nurturing...these are all things that bring me joy.  They do until I lose myself in it...and not in the good way. 

Honestly, I don't know if I know how to care for others and still maintain who I am and what I need.  For example, my son had surgery on the hematoma that he received Aug 7 after a tangle with a 4 wheeler.

Very quickly we went from this
 to this

to this

 which led to this.

Since surgery on Aug 28, we have continued to go in every other day for wound vac change. 

I don't regret any moment caring for my children.  Their health and safety is my first priority.  Like any parent, I am willing to go without to give them what they need.

However, this does not come without a cost.  This month I believe I have gained 10lbs.  I stopped getting in my daily workouts.  I stopped eating the way that is best for my body.  I DID drink my shakeology every day....I did at least that one good thing for myself each day.  I wasn't getting the sleep I needed. 

The thing I noticed the last little while is that I started getting super grumpy.  I became short with my kids.  The slightest thing would set me off. It wasn't pretty and I am not pleased with this.  Something needed to change for them and me.

Every day for the last two weeks I have woke up determined to eat clean and workout.  Let's just say each day I have gone to bed feeling broken and defeated.  I didn't do what I thought I was determined to do.  I just couldn't find my why.  This does not make for a good mental state. 

It was confirmed to me yet again that we are provided what we need when we need it.  I have been angry with myself.  Maybe I can explain it like this:

Say your child does something that they know they should not have.  You find out.  What is one of the first things you ask them?  Why?  Why did you do this?  Most often the response is, "I don't know."  I didn't always understand this but the truth is they most likely do not know why they did it.  They just did it. 

This is how I have felt about myself.  I know how to achieve my goals.  I have the resources I need to achieve my goals.  I just haven't.  Why did I eat that?  Why didn't I get up when my alarm went off?  Why? Why? Why?


I don't know.  I don't know the exact reason.  There are many to chose from.  The main point is all this the last few weeks has made me angry.  Just so happens I was reading in The Compound Effect today and the author was describing how anger is a great motivator.  Anger can call people to action.  Anger can make the silent, vocal.  Funny thing being angry with myself was quite possibly exactly what I needed.

Today I ate on my plan.

Today I listened a podcast from Shrinking Obesity and then read from The Compound Effect.

Today I moved my body.

Today I took all my Beachbody Performance Line Supplements.

Today I changed the dialogue running in my head (did you know we have the power to alter that?).

Today I modeled healthy behaviors for my children.

I completed Body Beast Legs.

Followed it up with Cize Full Out.
My girls joined me for Cize.  We are loving dancing together.


And finally this evening I took new Before pics.  I have been hiding not wanting to take these.  In fact I was in a group this last month where I was asked to take before and after pics as part of the group requirements.  I didn't take the before pics because (get this) I didn't think the after would show any difference.  How is that for self fulfilling prophecy? 

Enough of that.  I took them.  On October 8 I will put on these same clothes and take them again.  There will be a change.  I will be happy with my results. 

This girls does not begin to think she has all the answers.  (Why am I typing in third person)  I have fallen.  I have rested.  I have been trampled on.  I also get up each time I fall.  I am getting up!

Whatever it takes!

If you are interested in any of the Beachbody programs please visit my affiliate link. 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Better Late Than Never

As September approached I had ideas of a great new start.  New season.  New month. New week.  There is something about the turning of the calendar that gives me hope and renewal.  My plan was to announce a group of like minded people and enjoy September from day one with each day moving towards more of my health focused goals.

And then life happened. After a four-wheeler accident on August 7, my son FINALLY got to the person we needed and surgery was performed on Aug 28.

He did fabulous and is healing wonderful with the help of a wound vac.  This is everything that I have prayed for.  That said, school had also just started that week.

New routine after the end of our summer fun has thrown all of us.  So my point is, September 1 came...and September 1 went.  I never set up my group.  I never posted for people to join me.  With everything going on I believe I pulled away from social media the last week to a great extent. 

And then came the internal guilt.  I want o reach my goals.  I felt I missed my window.  The first passed.  Thought I could pull it together on the second.  The second passed.  On Thursday the third we did pull together at the last minute a celebration of joy party.  As a family we were so tired of all the yuck from August
  • lost both of our Newfoundland's within a 48 hour period.  Their deaths hit us hard.
  • three of us had strep
  • Keaton had his accident
  • three weeks of hematoma getting worse and worse
  • two of my childhood friends took their own lives
We decided to have a party.  Keaton and Isabella both had a birthday in August.  We did celebrate but we never did have cake and ice cream.

We sent out text invites and it was a joy to see our home filled with family and friends. It was even better to forget all the struggles for an evening and focus on the joy in our lives...of which there is much.

So as each day passed the story I started to tell myself was that I wasn't worth running a group or achieving my goals.  I started telling myself I was a phony because I couldn't pull it together when I wanted to do it.  For a minute I started to believe those stories.  I saw some things on FB that tore away some more at my self image and I decided I wasn't going to try to run the group.

Then I thought of a friend.  She had awesome success last month.  She happened to be in one of my challenge groups.  She did the work on her own but the accountability helped her stay focused.  I reached out to her and she agreed the lack of accountability the last week had thrown her a little. 

See I need the groups and it appears those in the groups need them as well.  There is something about checking in each day (in a safe place) that helps keep us on track and when we get of track it helps get us back on.

I start today.  I am creating my group super quick and will add people as the month goes on.  There are a few ready to go.  I am ready to go.  I need the accountability.  I need the community. 

In addition....I am going to blog.  I can't commit to it happening often.  My life is super busy and if I miss my expectation those stories will start back up.  I am shooting for weekly to start.  One post a week will keep me going for now and if I get more in even better.

I may be starting late.
I may be the turtle in the group.
I have so much to learn.
I still battle those stories I tell myself.

Late is better than never.
Turtles finish the race.
I have come so far already.
Those stories can change when I do the work.

I know I have been here before.  I know I have had these fresh starts before.  I know that as long as I don't quit, I have not failed.

My group is forming now.  We will start a prep week Monday, September 7.  We will officially launch Monday, September 14.

If you are interested.....even a me. 

If you can relate to something in my story we need to connect.  I need you.  You need me.
  • Obese the majority of my adult life
  • food addictions
  • food triggers
  • experience depression
  • mother
  • single parent
  • employed full-time
  • desire to stay active
  • desire to eat health
  • desire to teach your children better habits
  • pre-diabetic or diabetic
  • have children with weight concerns
  • body image issues
If you relate to any of these me at

We need each other.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I SHOULD BE HAPPY.....And I Really Am

So here is what I posted to my FB like page today:
I'm sitting at my Dr.'s office. I'm a little happy. I haven't really said anything about what I have been doing because I was afraid it would be one more thing that wouldn't work for me.

HOWEVER, between regular (not even every day) 30 minute a day home workouts (thank you Beachbody), daily dose of whole food nutrition (thank you Shakeology and Beachbody), the right medical diagnosis and medicat
ions (which at this point can be reversed, thank you Wellness Center), surrounding myself with people that I believe in and believe in me (many I have never met in person), I am happy to report I AM DOWN 17 LBS IN 6 WEEKS!!!!

There is no quick fix. There is no magic pill, magic shake or magic wrap.

It is small efforts daily that over time bring big results and lasting changes.

So here is the deal.  Yes, I am thrilled I have lost 17 lbs.  Yes, I am happy the scale is finally moving in the right direction.  Yes, I am happy I have finally found answers and support and a correct balance just right for me. Yes, I am feeling better. 

I ALSO can't help but be sad that although I have lost 17 lbs., I am still at the heaviest I have ever been.  Although I am down 17 lbs., I think of what that means for what my heaviest weight actually was.  I couldn't bring myself to weigh here at home once I knew I had moved above a certain high weight.  When I weighed at the Wellness Center I was in shock at the number that stared back at me.  I am sad I allowed myself to struggle and stumble and fail so many times thinking it was all my fault.  I kept getting up and fighting each day when inside I felt like I was dying.  Nothing was working.  I DIDN'T KNOW!!  I didn't know that my body needed a little help. 

Now that I know what my body needs, I am seeing the results.  There is no one size fixes all.  There just isn't.  For me it wasn't just changing my food.  It wasn't just loving myself first.  It wasn't just focusing on my kids.  It wasn't just addressing my mental health.  It wasn't just working out.  It wasn't just medications. It wasn't just finding supportive tribe.  It wasn't just letting go of people that hurt me more than they helped.  It wasn't just......ANYTHING!!!

For me it is all these things!

I keep typing out all this semi-motivational stuff and then I delete it.

All I want to say right now is THIS SUCKS. It is okay to be angry.  It's okay to be sad.  It's okay to be right where I am and feel the feelings I am having and not have to justify or push them away. I can be happy and sad at the same time!!!! OVERTHE EXACT SAME 17 lbs.!!!


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Always Try

Good morning and happy Saturday everyone.  I want to quickly share a video with you and my thoughts on something I have been struggling thinking about the last few days.  We don't have to have all the answers.  We don't have to be 100% to share who we are and what we want to do.  We just have to try.
Love you all,
Ok for some reason I am unable to get this darn video to load.  I'll try again tomorrow.   

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Finding My Groove

I have been reading in the book The Compound Effect the last little while.  I tried reading it a while back and quit half way through.  In fact as I look back, I was doing quite a bit of starting and not finishing things. 

Maybe I was giving up before I got in my groove. 

I have been reading that our daily disciplines are like the wheels of a steam locomotive.  At a complete stop, it doesn't take much to keep the wheels locked up.  The pistons only start moving with an incredible amount of steam.  This process is slow.  At the start movement can be easily measured.  Author Darren Hardy states
But once the train starts rolling, the wheels get into a rhythm.  If the pressure remains consistent, the train gains momentum and watch out!  At 55 miles an hour, that train can crash through a five-foot, steel-reinforced concrete wall and keep on going.
Just picture it.  Even with adversity and barriers, a train will continue to push forward.  Why can't that be me?  Or I am making that me.  It may be slow starting.  My progress may not even be visible at first.  But let me tell you, with consistent pressure I will get this body of mine making progress that won't be stopped. 

I already see it.  I already feel it.  This little engine that could is gaining momentum.  I am finding my groove and I won't let the twists and turns get me off track.