Thursday, December 16, 2010

Where to start...

I cant seem to find the motivation to do anything towards becoming healthier. I constantly think about how overweight I am and just uncomfortable I am in my own skin. But why cant I change it...I can. I know this. So along with my sister Tara, I'm going to start writing on this here blog to hold my self more accountable. A place to become motivated by others and track my progress and hopefully learn from few fall backs. I really want to be happy with my body. I want to LOOK GOOD and FEEL GOOD. Great timing, I know, start the week before Christmas and New Years. I'm not going to say ohh just after these last couple holidays I will start. Or say this will be it, indulge now and then make the change. Nope wont do it again. I gotta make some changes.
I read on facebook a fellow friend say a personal quote..."win the day"
That's what I want to do from now on. Food will NOT win....I will WIN THE DAY!!!
Wish me luck!

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