Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our Second Annual Turkey Trot

Last Thanksgiving a good friend of mine introduced the kids and I to a new tradition. This year I was determined to make it happen again and share the event with even more people I love.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
Starting Line

Race Partner/Kindred Spirit
I love this girl!!

Ready to Make Memories

Two of my brothers
My two boys.

Little one was not wanting to wake up.

Here we go.

"Moo"tivation along the way.

Someone didn't read the rules.

Finish Line- 47 minutes

Won a raffle prize.
Probably should have ordered the x-large shirt
Large was just a little snug.

Little one crossed the finish line on her own.
She wasn't exactly very happy at this moment.
A little on the cold side for this racer.

Sister, Mom, Brother

Boys ran back out to bring Keaton in.

For this reason.

For someone that grumbles at all my requests for activity,
this boys entire body shouted pure joy after he crossed the
finish line.

This is us.  My loves.  My life.

This photo makes my heart happy. This photo is like a great book.  There is the main storyline (the picture as a whole) but a great book also has just as wonderful multiple story lines playing out.  Those stories are not mine to tell.  Even now, I look at this photo and my heart swells with joy.  The relationships shared, the friendships strengthened, the injuries overcome, the personal victory won, the gratitude for a body that does what I ask it to do, the three generations present, memories made...that is what I see in this picture.

The Turkey Trot was a wonderful part of our Day of Thanks.  Already planning for next year.

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