Monday, February 27, 2012

Goals for the Week

I have been terrible at staying on track the last few months. I need to recommit myself. I am going to try harder to post on here my goals and keep track. This week...
1-No Candy
2-Drink lots of water
3-No eating after 7:00.

Inspiration for the day...
The key to experiencing real success and true happiness is to be the seed and plant yourself. 
When you plant yourself where you are with a passionate desire to make a difference you’ll grow into the influencer you were born to be.
 Full article can be found HERE.

I am planting the seed of healthy living. So I can see the change I want for the future. It is not possible to have a quick fix to my weight issue. It takes time. I need to be consistent and make the changes in my life that are needed in order to have the results I desire. 

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