Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week In Review

If I thought the week leading up to Baltimore was crazy, this last week took the GOLD.

Sunday, I left Baltimore and all my FitBloggin family long before most of them were even awake.  I had an early flight to Denver. 

Sunday and Monday I spent splashing in pools, drove to the sights, ate at some local favorites and hiked and hiked and hiked.  Actually, it was walked and walked and walked.  The trails were all paved. 

Garden of the Gods is a beautiful place to spend the day.  The weather was perfect.  A little overcast.  Slight breeze.

Garden of the Gods

Check out the two guys-
in my mind they are playing cards

Siamese Twins

 After, Garden of the Gods we ventured over to some wind caves.  Lots of stairs and lots of fun.  Wish my littles could have been there.  That is the bad thing of traveling without my kids.  Everything I see makes me want them there.


And then it was time to get home.  HOME HOME HOME never sounded so good.

Tuesday night was choir practice at the university.  I was exhausted from yet another long day of traveling.  This choir is tough.  Somehow I got through it.

Now for the fun stuff.......WORKOUTS!!!

Check out Wednesday workout with Kort.

Nothing says welcome home quite like Kort telling me I get to drag, pull, toss an 80 lb punching bag across the gym floor. 

Taron was at home freaking out, practicing, preparing for his debate team try out, so Keaton and I hit the gym on our own.  Can you see Keaton there in the top left corner ready to do squats on the RIP60. 

Wednesday Workout
 Don't let the smile on my face fool you.  Dragging that bag was HARD.  I tried it pulling and dragging.  Both made my legs burn in different places, equally as much!!!

Later that night I ran on the HS track while we waited for Taron to audition.  Figured I was there, might as well make the best of my time.  Since seriously starting this 5K training, I have been mostly working on the treadmill.  Very different to be on the track.  Felt good to be out there but I was definitely a little slower....and I am not fast slow to begin with. a good Friday night sweat.  Best way to start the weekend.  This time Taron was on a scout over nighter so Keaton was with me again.  Love that boy!!! He is the best workout partner.

Wednesday was lower body.  Friday was full body workout.

If anyone has a chance to join us on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, come on out.  We love Spencer King Athletics.  Kort is the best trainer.  He can push us but not make me feel bad.  He has a way about him that just makes me want to push for the best that is in me.  (Part of it could be that he is so dang cute, but really, come out and see for yourself.  SHHHHH don't tell him I said that.)
 And again, since I didn't make it to the gym for my 5 a.m. run, after I got the kids dinner and settled in for a movie, I zipped over to Gold's to punch out my 3 miles.

Where is everyone???  Oh, yes, Friday night.  When you are a single mom, you forget what Friday means to other people.  :)  No worries, even better for me to focus on my task with no distractions.

FINALLY!!! I have actually been doing the 5K trainer segment twice to hit 3 miles.  It is taking me about 45 minutes.....told you, I am slow.  This week I FINALLY completed week 3.  It only took me 3 months.  Once I set my goal, I did it in one week....and that was with traveling Monday and Tuesday.

Saturday I was way to sore from the weeks strength workouts to go for my regular City Creek hike.  I did however, make it to box aerobics.

Great week all things considered.

Looking ahead:

I will be traveling again most of the week.  Training takes me to Boise.  With the Color Run on October 27, I have set a goal to abstain from wheat and sugar until then.  I want to be 27 days clean the day of the run.  With traveling for work right off the start, this may be difficult.  All of our meals are through the training. 

Never fear.  Preparation is here. 

I am planning to take a bunch of tuna pouches to have over salad and hard boiled eggs and lots of fruit.  There is usually some sort of vegetable to eat there.

The hotel is nestled right along the green belt so I am going to be running after training each night.

I can do this.  In the past these events have caused me panic.  I give in and just say I have to eat what foods they offer. 

Yet, if I want to be good to myself during the training, I must prepare today. 

So with that, I better get cutting up some pineapple (sweet treat for at night), cantaloupe and plan out my menu.

Are you looking ahead to what your week will look like?  What challenges are you preparing for?

What are your goals for the week.

Two of mine....complete couch to 5K trainer week 4 and stay wheat and sugar free.

Loves to you all!!!  I am cheering you all the way!

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  1. I love what you're doing. You're finding ways to move everyday and doing it without excuses and having fun! I know how hard that 80lb heavy bag drag and push is, but I know much fun it can be too!
    So proud of you for your running and how you're pushing your boundaries and showing those littles of yours what living life is all about! xo