Monday, October 22, 2012

Preparing for Awesome

This last week I took a mental break from workouts.  Translation....I took a physical break from workouts. I just could not fit one more thing in my schedule that I had to plan.  With all the medical, extra-curricular, church and social activities, I was spent.  I had nothing left.  In fact, Thursday I went home from work with a severe (as if there is any other) migraine coming on.  I slept for 3.5 hours.  Woke up.  Got a pedicure with my bestie for her birthday....which was perfect....had a back massaging chair and someone rubbing my feet for two hours. 
I am sparkly pink.

Then went back to bed.  A migraine means only one thing.  Time to slow down.

I took the week to focus on food.  My kids.   My job.  Me. 

Over the weekend, the kids and I planned our menu for the week. I planned crock-pot meals for the nights we had activities scheduled. We prepped some egg muffins.....

 So very simple!!!  Thanks Alan for posting this on his instagram page.  I ran with it.
Simple simple. 
Spray muffin tin.
I placed a little sprinkle of cheese in bottom-your choice, for these I used pepper jack
filled with spinach leaves, mushrooms
pour whipped egg over
sprinkle w cheese
bake 350 for 30 min

next time I want to use cilantro, green peppers, turkey bacon....and anything else we can think of...not all in the same muffin of course


 We made 18.  Enough to get us through most of the week.  Breakfast today was a breeze.  Two of these gems and a bunch of grapes and the kids were set. 

After all our house cleaning I was starting to get the need for a calorie burn.  Saturday evening I made an evening trip to the gym and scheduled a date with a sleek treadmill in a back corner.  He pushed me hard.  I worked my body.  Cleared my mind.  It was invigorating!!!  I made it to running 5 minute stretches at a time.  I run slow.  I don't care.

 Got home from the gym and grocery store...only bought off my menu for the week...and quickly busted out my two yoga poses that I was behind.
day 20

day 21
 Then to top off the night, I joined some friends at a singles LDS dance.  That is a blog post all its own.  But now tonight.  Luckily I was there with friends.  Had I just shown up, I would have turned and walked right back was that scary.
My friend Tresia...always the matchmaker
 I figured since I had just got home from the gym, I was willing to go dance and get my sweat on some more.  I didn't even shower.  A little make-up, changed clothes, deodorant and some perfume and I was good to go....or good enough.
Sunday is always my favorite day.  Currently church doesn't start until 1 p.m.  Girls and I got to snuggle quite a bit in the morning.
Three shares of brown  :)
As Monday comes to an end, so far so good. I was up at 4:20 this morning to hit the gym early.  I am not in the least bit a typical morning person.  In fact, the only thing that motivated me to get out of bed was the idea that I would be really tired come 9 p.m. and ready to go to bed early....which it is now almost 10 and I am still typing on this post.  (TARA get to bed!!!)

Post 5 a.m. workout.
3 mile run
upper body weight machines
 I took two egg muffins to work for breakfast.  Only half on one made it to my office from the break room microwave.  Co-workers along the way had to try them.  In fact I am now making 30 of them for a birthday breakfast next week for the whole office.

 For lunch I went home to put this creation together.  Crock pot stew.  SO EASY.

Getting off work only meant running to start carpooling kids to Dr appts, dance practice and a stop at Costco for a return.  When we pulled into the driveway at 6:30 we were all ready to eat.  Grateful for planning ahead.  Totally paid off. And lots for leftovers.
Today was a win.  Prepared Tara 1  Crazy Life 0
Can't wait for tomorrow.  But for now........


  1. Awesome planning and more importantly knowing when to listen to your body and rest! Have a fantastic week :)

  2. Those muffins look delicious! Great job on the yoga ;)