Monday, April 22, 2013


Saturday I woke up unsure of a few things.  My husband of two months had completely moved out the day before and this was the first morning faced with the idea that I am single again.  With my little in bed next to me, I found myself debating between staying in bed all day or head on over to the gym before my kids wake up.  Honestly, staying in bed and feeling sorry for myself was winning.  Then came a text from my younger sister asking if I was coming to a Saturday morning Body Pump class at Gold's. Without hesitation, Heck Yes!!
Come to find out, the group class was at 10.  Since we were there early and both needing to get home to littles, we did a Run For Boston instead.
My sister probably doesn't even know how much I needed her text that morning.  I could very well still be in bed had she not got me moving. Things in motion tend to stay in motion. For the time being, movement is good for me. It is good for my children.  We are moving forward to better things.
Since I was at the gym Saturday morning, I decided to go ahead and weigh out for the 12 week challenge.  With the events of the last 3 weeks, I admit I had been doing some emotional eating (not binging).  In fact, the night before I had two friends over to the house to have dinner with me and the kids. Dinner was fairly on my plan, minus the dinner rolls.  However, I did eat a few ice cream treats that were not on my food plan.  Even with that, I am actually proud of my 12 week results.
As I was speaking with the trainer, he said something that has been at the forefront of my thoughts the last few days.  He said that people come to the gym for various reasons.  Some come to lift weights.  Bulk up.  Slim down. Socialize.  Burn calories.  Then he said, "You need to come because it is your sanctuary.  Make the gym your safe place."
This is the truth for me.  The gym is the only place/thing in my life where I am confident I will get back in results what I put in with effort.  It is the place I can leave everything else at the door.  I don't visit the gym to punish my body.  I go to sustain, nurture and care for my body, mind and spirit. 
Today, I visited my sanctuary.  Keaton and I did the kettlebell class together.  Then he went to do some cardio machines while I stayed for Body Combat. HELLO, wiped me out.  I am blessed to have a body that does what I ask of it. I am blessed to have found a place that challenges me.

With Jen, one of my favorite instructors.
One day I won't look giant size next to her.

My most favorite workout buddy.
Heading to the gym, this kid was not happy. He wanted to stay home and
play with friends.  As we drove, I took his hand and told him how
excited I was to spend some time with him. He told me not to say that.
He wanted to stay upset with me.  Then his beautiful face cracked a smile.

Leave it on the court!!!
That my friends was a great calorie burn.


It makes sense to me that the gym should be a sanctuary.  My body is a temple.  What is your sanctuary?  How do you nurture and care for your body? Mindy? Spirit?
With eating totally on plan and a great calorie burn, I am going to rest my head on my pillow filled with joy.  No guilt or shame for this girl.  One day at a time!!!




  1. I love this post. I also find that working out helps me during stressful times. It takes the edge off and for a few minutes I can escape my problems. Sanctuary indeed. Sending lots of hugs and wishes for better days ahead. xoxo

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