Saturday, May 11, 2013

What I Learned From Basketball

This weekend the girls and I are joining my husband as he enjoys his favorite thing in the  Side note.....after a three week separation, we mutually decided our marriage was worth fighting for.  With many changes, a few ruffled feathers and many prayers, we are moving forward together better than ever. While attending all of the two day tournament and watching all 9 games Kevan will ref is not an option, I do enjoy the time I get to observe him doing what he loves best. 

My little Olaya cheers for "dad" the entire time.  Go daddy, go.  She doesn't understand he is not actually playing the game and that is okay.  Everyone around us laughs at her enthusiasm.  Watching Kevan look to her across the court is stunning.  I don't know who smiles more, my Olaya or my husband.  Every day she becomes more his and he becomes more hers.  The process is beautiful to watch.  Even though the tournament is not in our hometown, my Belle still managed to find friends from school.  She can make friends anywhere. 

The particular game we watched ended with a 43, 32 score.  At one point earlier in the game the spread was over 20 points.  The boys on each side pushed on.  They continued as if each play was the most important of the game.  As I observed the final 6 minutes of the game something stood out to me.  The losing team never quit.  Even when it was evident there was no possible way they could come back for a win, they never stopped pushing forward.  WHY?  I kept wondering how they could do that.  In athletics why do they continue to the final second when it is so very evident one team can never possibly bridge the gap in points.  I understand the close games.  Of course even 2 seconds can change a close game. 

Yes, surprisingly I know, I was a little tearful watching the losing team battle all the way to the end.  It almost feels like torture to make them finish.  Why isn't there a rule to call the game?  Seriously!  This is what I was thinking.

Then I realized, my thoughts were not about them, it was more about me.  I am stuck.  Stuck in a place I don't want to admit.  Stuck trying to manage all the different spheres of my life.  While one is better than ever, another spins out of control.  I see that as the odds look like I am not going to win or succeed in a certain aspect, I toss in the towel and say why keep trying.  The thing is, most people that know me would say I am nothing like this.  They would say quitting is not an option for me.  To some degree this is true.  The race is not over, the war is not won.  Yet, I may have thrown a few battles. 

So what did I learn from basketball yesterday?  Don't quit.  Even when the score board says I am losing with no time for a come back, stay in the game.  Win or lose, the important part is how I play the the finish. 

Happy Saturday everyone.  Kevan has 5 more games to ref.  The girls and I are going to explore our surroundings until he is done later this evening.  My goal today, be good to me and my body.  Enjoy the time I have with my girls.  Madly missing my boys but eager to have them home with me for Mother's Day.  And tonight and tomorrow, time with my husband.   

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