Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday- Ready, Set, Go

I won't be weighing myself today.  Last night we attended my sister's Christmas party at the church for kids.  They served pizza, chips, fresh veggies and a slew of cookies and candy.  I indulged in a few cookies and caramel chocolates.  I really have to learn how to handle eating in a group setting.  I get anxiety even.  More on that another time.

Today I am starting the day with yoga.  I love the way I feel centered, restored and energized after a great yoga session.  Olaya is still asleep so maybe I can actually finish the entire routine.  After that, today we have Bountiful Basket pickup, Belle will be performing at the festival of trees, I have to isolate myself at the computer lab on campus to catch up on some paper writing and then hopefully make it to the gym in the evening for a elliptical cardio workout.  After that I would like to play Just Dance 2 with the kids for our family time.  Really just want to cuddle up with a Christmas movie and snuggle my little bugs.  Maybe we will save that for tomorrow after church.

Keeping up the energy is key today.  Hope everyone gets a chance to take care of you today.

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