Thursday, December 1, 2011

Whats for Dinner

I love finding healthy versions of foods I love. Here is what is on the menu for dinner tonight...Buffalo Chicken Rolls
You can find the simple recipe here at the Can You Stay For Dinner Blog.
I will probably be using a different cheese not a big fan of blue cheese and maybe get some light ranch for dipping.  Yum, can't wait.
Update-Made these with Mexican blend cheese. Used Lite blue cheese dressing to dip but sure enough I can not stand blue cheese. So I did not use any dip after that. Ranch would be good, I just did not want the extra calories.  These turned out really good and were so easy to make. That's my kind of dinner. 

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  1. Sharen that looks really good....have to post pics of yours....let me know how it turns out.