Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Night Sweat

It would have been easy to skip tonight's workout.  I just was not feeling it.  The desire to stay in, forget the hectic work week and prepare to pick up my girls tomorrow was sounding more important.  I WENT ANYWAY! 

Tonight I just worked on cardio.  Got a good sweat going.  Heart rate up.  Watched Drop Dead Diva on Netflix while I moved.  How awesome is that?

Post Workout
After the movie, I joined my parents, sister and her hubby at the movies....well, I first went to a different theatre, bought my ticket, went in and waited until I realized they were not there and actually watching the movie at the other dollar theatre where I then proceeded to buy yet another ticket and join them....I went directly there.  I didn't head home to change.  I didn't redo my makeup.  In fact my back had a seat mark all the way down.  LOVE ROCKIN THE SWEAT MARK!!!  I didn't care.  It is almost like having a baby and not caring about the slobber stains on your shoulder.  They are badges on honor worn proudly shouting to the world, "I am a parent."  Same thing.  Only now I shout, "I just worked out and find joy in honoring my body each and every day!!"  OK I may not get all that detailed.  It just shouts, "I am taking care of me."  It is possible to enjoy some time at the gym and still have time to hand out with family.  How great is that?

Friday night and I am a little eager to get to sleep.  Tomorrow is going to be jam packed with goodness.  Morning hike.  Box aerobics.  OA meeting.  Drive to Salt Lake City with my wonderful sister.  Attend JoDee Messina concert.  Get my girls back from a few day stay with their dad.  Stay in a hotel w 24 hour gym access.  Pick up two of my aunts from the airport Sunday and drive them home to Pocatello.  Only two of us going down and six of us coming back. A weekend of goodness.

What are your plans for the weekend?   How will you be good to your mind, body or spirit?

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