Sunday, August 26, 2012


A few years ago, upon losing 30 lbs with LA Weightloss, a friend and I went to Hawaii.  This picture was taken on our dolphin cruise.  As best I remember, I was 230 lbs at the time of the trip.  The bottom picture is from last week and at 248 lbs.  

Although I am not making these changes to look "hot" or fit some ideal of beauty, I can't help but think, this time when I get to 230 lbs I am going to look even better than when I went to Hawaii.  Do I look younger in the current picture?  Or am I just seeing things that I want to see?  It could be that I wasn't waxing my eyebrows back then.....hmmmm.  That alone is frightening me in the older picture. 

And I can't help but see that happiness makes all the difference.  I value the woman I am today.  I am headed in the right direction.  The people surrounding me, lifting me, encouraging me, sharing this journey are people with like values, dreams, fears and desires.  As I want nothing but the best for them, they want nothing but the best for me. 

With all my perfect flaws, I lead a charmed life.  I can see it in my reflection.  THIS is a good thing.

Time to start planning a celebratory tropical vacation.  I am thinking January or February time. 

Who is with me?????

This girl is ready to hit the next 30 days hard.  So much coming up.  12 Step Recovery Women's Retreat for OA early September.  FitBloggin conference the 20th of September.  Boise 5K Color Run in October.  Life.  Kids.  Work.  Faith. 

I am ending my day with a calming 30 minute yoga session and off to bed with me.

Hope you all (the three of you that read this) are ready to acheive your goals.  We are in for a fabulous ride.

Thanks for allowing me to share this journey with you.


  1. I do love September. Perhaps it is because my life has been attached to the academic calendar for so long but I see it as the best month to renew and reset resolutions;it is so much better than January for me. Good luck. PS. I have never waxed my eyebrows but am now at least giving it due consideration. :)

  2. You definitely look younger, and happier too. I've been at my current weight before and 1.5 sizes bigger than I am now, at the exact same weight.

  3. I really get what you're saying about the happy factor. It really does change everything doesn't it? You look beautiful in both photographs, moments in your history that capture an expression. Find your happy and the rest just seems to follow. I'm still workin' on it!