Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It is Tuesday. I ate some oatmeal with a banana for breakfast. I enjoyed seeing a two pound weight loss on the scale this morning. Still not down to my lowest of this year. I have a weigh in next Wednesday for my spinning class. I want to be down at least four more pounds by then. I know it is achievable. So here's to a great week ahead. I am still working on my goals I posted before. I'm doing good on water and no candy. I say no candy but I do allow sugar still in my diet. Like last night as a family we went to a Monday night football party. There were margaritas and I allowed myself to drink some of it but not the entire glass. I'm learning to use moderation and portion control. That has been my weakness. I indulge and find myself consumed in my food. I don't like the feeling of continually being full. I was going like that for almost 2 weeks up until this weekend. I am learning to find other things to fill my time to get my mind off of food. I am so grateful for my body. I realize I have been taking it for granted. I want to enjoy life and love me. God wanted me here on earth for a reason and I have not allowed myself to reach my full potential. I am not holding myself back anymore. I deserve better! 

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