Saturday, September 29, 2012

FitBloggin 2012 My Thoughts

Today makes almost a week since I was surrounded by a family of strangers. 

I do mean family.  Even as my fingers stroke the keys to type the word FitBloggin, my eyes get warm and the tears starts to flow.

It was April and I had stumbled upon a weightloss blog of sorts.  Maybe she struck a cord with me because we share the same name.  Maybe it was because she was 275 lbs when she decided to make a change and I was 279 lbs.  I don't know what it was but her words flowed through me and pulled me into her story.  I cried. I laughed.  I rejoiced.  I sorrowed as I read her posts.  Post after post. 

Then I saw a link on the side of her blog.  It said .  That was the first time I heard of what what I have now found, changed my life. 

At that point I believe I had lost 20 or so pounds.  I viewed the website.  I read each page.  Devoured the list of people that had already purchased tickets.  For days I stayed up late linking to blog after blog of people sharing their story, their journey.

I wanted to be there with them at FitBloggin. 

I purchased a ticket.

I purchased my ticket to meet Tara and Meegan.  I stayed for me.

To share what the weekend meant to me, I would have to do some sort of Star Trek mind meld.  And I don't even know how to do that.  When people talk about points in their life that changed everything......this is one of those times.

I could give you a list of the events I attended.  I could detail all the workouts.  Share pictures of all the amazing food, swag bag treats and hugs (oh so many hugs).  But it is mine.  It is so deep within my soul, I am afraid putting it out in the world would somehow lesson the value it has to me.  Inside, it only belongs to me.  Once I write it, post it, the world can criticize.  They can try to take away or change what warms my heart.

Yet, I also have such a strong desire to document what is real to me.  This weekend can not be taken away no matter what is said or done after I hit publish. 

I am very aware that one day, the emotional supportive high I am feeling will start to waver.  My conviction and dream will be clouded with guilt, despair and negativity.  I write so that when that happens, I can return here and maybe, just maybe, feel strong again.

Thursday, Sept 20, 2012

I didn't sleep Wednesday night.  I was to excited.  To scared.  To frazzled.  In order to make my early flight out of Salt Lake City, I had to leave town at 3 in the morning.  No point going to sleep when I was still shopping at Walmart at 11 pm buying new workout clothes.

A great friend offered to drive me the 2.5 hours to the airport so that I could maybe rest on the drive.  No such luck.

No airport food for me.

The beauty of FitBloggin started the moment I got off my flight.  Right away I ran into Mandy as we were both trying to navigate the train that would take us to our hotel.

Upon arriving at the hotel two of my three roommates were already there. It was great to enter the opening social with Stephanie and Karen.

My Roomies

I have to admit, I felt a little out of sorts at this social.  At this point I had been awake for over 24 hours and over the course of Thursday I had drank a protein shake for breakfast and eaten 6 packages of Delta Airlines peanuts. I can not be held accountable for the awkwardness I may have exhibited.  Sorry Elley!!!!

This event was a hug fest.  I sat back to some degree and watched reunions happening from every direction. (Hope it is that way for me next year.)  I saw people walking up to each other and intoducing themselves.  For the most part I was an observer.  Normally I am pretty outgoing.  Maybe the lack of sleep.  The lack of calories had me in a haze.

However, I promised myself I would make every effort to thank Tara and Meegan for sharing their journey.

And that I did!!!

This is Tara and Meegan.
Beyond thrilled to stand next to these women!!
I left the event pretty quick.  Needed food, BAD.  Glad I did.  This is what awaited us just outside our hotel.

View Outside

FitBloggin Swag
my shoes are my favorite!!! Thanks @Reebok
can you even see the yoga
I was going to do this all in one post. Just not going to happen.  Between taking care of my littles, writing, linking and now needing to get ready to look at homes (cross your fingers I find something), I am not pouring it out as fast as I would like.  Stay tuned for day 2.

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  1. Hey!! I was so glad to meet you at Fitbloggin! Your contribution was priceless. Thank you...

    I've got your blog in my Google reader...can't wait to get to know you better. And I hope, see you next year in Portland!