Sunday, September 16, 2012


Sunday??? Already?? 

Day by day this has been one of the longest weeks on record.  Yet, I also can't figure out where it went.  Time is moving at warp speed and some days it is all I can do just to keep the pace.  Ever feel that way?

This week has been consumed with grief over my dog being struck by a car last week and leaving us, teenage children making choices that have had BIG consequences, confronting another teenager in the neighborhood and a discussion w his mother (never enjoy those), over load at work, preparing for travel to FitBloggin this coming week, dating (should be a good thing but I am TIRED of the effort it takes to get to know new people and share who I am), made an offer on a house (they countered, now I need to respond) and daily stresses.

So if I am absent a bit, trust that I am fighting the good fight each and every day.  I may be a little delinquent in posting as much as I would like.  I do try to post to my FB page each day.  I can be found at "WorthEveryOunce" on FB.

With all that, I did want to share some pictures from Monday's obstacle course at the gym.  I LOVE THIS GYM!!  The kids and I all go together every day after work.  I just can not say enough about how wonderful it is to have a gym where we can all work out together.

Keaton was the first to go.
First station was to run the rope ladder.
Next, 15 jumps w the heavy rope.
Carrying 6 sand bags back and forth (twice)  HURT!!!
 Next, 5 pushups-chest to medicine ball
then army crawl to the next medicine ball
 Next up, Taron.

 From there it was weighted lunges across the gym and back.
Followed by climbing over, jumping over
or just getting over three boxes
 15 swings of the kettle bell

 And finish with a flip of the TIRE!!

 For being a 3 minute 17 second workout,
I was drenched.
My heart raced for almost an hour after we finished.
Even Miss Olaya took a hand in the challenge.
Shout out to Sueann for taking cell phone pics during the obstacle course.
Not the most flattering photos but what an experience to capture.
The kids and I love looking at these pictures.
Also, huge cheers for Kort our trainer.  As you can see, he was next to us at each station every step of the way...pushing, encouraging, cheering.  He is awesome.  He pushes times to the verge of tears.  Not because he demands to much, but because he believes I can do it.
Thanks Kort!!!

Happy Sunday everyone! I am off to get in a quick run and then prepare for church.

Looking forward to a week of busy happenings.
Work, getting kids to dance, scouts, gym and all the regular happenings.  Plus, prepare for Baltimore trip on Thursday and a fun stop in Denver Sunday on my way back.

What things are you preparing for this week?

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