Sunday, September 30, 2012

FitBloggin Friday- My Thoughts

Day two was all about the workouts.  As I went to sleep Thursday night I had every intention of getting up at 5:30 for 6 a.m. yoga.  However, after no sleep for two days I was REALLY wanting to stay in bed another hour when the alarm went off. 
Thanks to my awesome roommate, Heather, I jumped, sprung, dashed, rolled out of bed and stumbled into my workout clothes.

Heather and I heading to class
seriously-how was I smiling
 Truthfully, I love yoga.  Always have.  I did want to be there.  And I kept telling myself sleep is for when I get home (that hasn't happened yet).  I paid the money to be here.....get as much in as possible.
Pre-yoga...not quite awake but happy to be here

 Yoga class was a true foreshadowing of the greatness to come in the day.  It was a tough but do able workout.  I was energized and ready for more.

After yoga I stopped for an amazing Weight Watchers sponsored breakfast. Had some turkey sausage and fruit.  Opted out on the oatmeal.  :)

Next up....Crossfit.

If you don't know much about crossfit this workout may have been disappointing to some.  Crossfit is not done for an hour.  It is short bursts of high energy moves only done for 6-20 minutes.
Crossfit prep
 The actual session was one minute of squats.  Rest one minute while partner does them.
One minute of sit ups.  Rest one minute.
One minute of burpees. Rest one minute.

Actual workout time was 6 minutes.  Crazy. Don't tell me we didn't work hard. 
I have been doing similar workouts at my gym.  We do circuit training so this class was challenging yet something I was prepared for.
My workout partner-
sadly I don't know who she is
(if someone can tell me, that would be great)

 This moment was a little crazy for me.  Having followed their blogs for the last 5 months meant I was a little awe struck to work out with them.  Beautiful, strong women.  Makes me happy.

Kate and Tiffany
standing next to me!!!

After this was a presentation about Chocolate Milk.  I am still a little skeptical about offering up sugar to my children with the idea that it is "healthy".  However, I do understand given the CHOICE between a gatoraid type drink and chocolate mile....yes, milk is a better alternative.  It has the electrolytes needed to refuel plus vitamins and minerals.  Yet, white milk and a banana or strawberries is even better.

I will continue to work this one out in my head.

We did another aerobic class with bands and discs.  It was great.  Felt pushed.  I was certainly tired after the third work out. 

The highlight of the day came from the session : Discussion: Self Acceptance and Weight Loss with Shauna Reid, Karen Anderson and Mara Glatzel.

So much of this journey is finding where I fit in with me.  Not allowing a family member, a man, my faith, my job, food.....define me.  This entire process is about being authentically me.  Felling good in my skin.  Yet, giving myself the freedom and environment to change the things I want to change.

For so long I have struggled with liking the body I have.  I broke it into pieces, criticizing every last part.  Comparing it to some fictitious standard. 

When in all reality, I have a pretty amazing home for my soul.  It does what I ask it to do.  Through years of neglect and abuse, my body still responds when I say to move.  It houses my heart.  It is able to pull my littles close when they need comfort. 

Gratitude is where my acceptance has started.  Grateful for today and what I have been given.  Sure I can strive for better.  You bet!!  I can push hard.  I can be strong.  When all is said and done, my body is a gift. For the first time in YEARS....YEARS....I can run my hands up my arms, give myself a squeeze and soak in the moment I am one with my body.  I can feel my mind, body and spirit working together in a perfect combination of drive, comfort and surprise.

Friday night was a break from the conference and a night out with a forever friend. 

More on that on my next installment.  Time to ready the littles for church.

Happy Sunday everyone!  Take care of you!


  1. I'm loving reading your recaps Tara! I had no idea that you and Heather were roomies! So much fun.

    I'm with you on the chocolate milk front, I'm not convinced that its the best choice given the added sugar, but like you said, there are worse choices too...

  2. "I have a pretty amazing home for my soul" YES! I love it. Thank you :-)