Friday, July 6, 2012


I am beginning to think my body is comfortable at my current weight.  Although I am happy with losing 7 lbs in the last 17 days (6 was from vacation), I have been at my current weight of 256 for the last week.  I know.  I know.  Be patient.  I didn't gain it in one day, it won't come off in one day.  However, there are times I find myself wishing it did.  Even a few ounces.  A pound. 

I read blogs every day on fitness and weight loss.  Most having a weekly weigh in, where they describe their food and exercise for the week and then post their I have done when I can get my behind to my computer more regularly.  This last week as I struggled with no loss (YEAH no gain), I watched blogger after blogger post loss after loss.  UGH.

My workouts are good.  I have done something basically 6 days a week.  Trying to keep the workouts different and intense.  This last week I added box aerobics and Muay Thay cardio.  I have stayed with abstinence and recover,y avoiding wheat and sugar if I have any control over it.  I feel good.  I feel great in fact.  And yes, I recognize that is a non scale victory right there.

So, with my kids away today and my 40 hours of work completed by 2:30 this afternoon, I called up my friend Dianna at my favorite spa and treated myself to a little something. 

First a Pedicure
Followed by a Manicure
It has been a long week.  With the pressure from work, my kids being gone, my family up camping and all the other stress of life, not to long ago, this would have been a week for me to binge and binge often. 

Not anymore.  Today is day 17 of abstinence and I don't take that number lightly.  With each day, I grow closer to my goal.  With each day I see more clearly.  With each day I want to fight harder. 90 days is possible.....6 months is possible...God willing.....a year is possible.  One day is possible.  For now, my goal is one day. With one day, I can do the impossible.  All I work at is today.

So, even though the scale has not budged in over a week, I have something to celebrate.  This week, I honored my body.  That deserves a WOOT! WOOT! and a little pampering.

How do you celebrate your non scale victories and honor your body even when life is hard? 


  1. Thanks Tara for your will be successful with that attitude! I am so proud of you for not giving up or in. I made my 90days a couple weeks ago and only lost two lbs in the last month...I did not celebrate. Sad but when I get to the end of this journey I will have something in mind for my celebration. Keep up the hard work it will pay off...I know this because it's happening for me.

  2. As long as celebration doesn't involve food. Treating ourselves now comes in forms of getting our nails done, working out, spending an evening with a friend, going somewhere-anywhere. My journey as a food addict has not ended since I hit goal. I do the same things I did on day one but added meditation and Al Anon.

    I am so proud of you Tara.

    I weighed every 2 weeks. The 1st and the 15th. We compulsive/obsessive people find things to OCD over and weighing became a problem. I had to put the scale away. I found that when I weighed every day the scale didn't move and I would worry I wouldn't lose anything on the 2 weeks. I was ALWAYS surprised. You will be too. Have to put the numbers up to God. He's got it, you don't have to. Just take your action.

    If you keep not losing with all your doing it has to be what you are eating. In other words, you might have to get the scale out and weigh out your food. That way there is no chance you can lie to yourself at least the amount. I hope you don't have to do that, but I have to. There's some days I eat lunch and a couple hours later wanting to eat dinner. I am crazy!

    Thanks for posting. Great way to keep in touch!

  3. Thanks you guys!! I sure love you both. Great to have people on this journey that know!! I have been thinking alot about only weighing once a week or maybe even twice a month. I let that number dictate to much of how my day will be. If there is a loss, I am on a high....if there is a stay the same, then I question all the success I had the day before and have to fight even harder to stay motivated that day.

    Something for me to ponder. What I am doing is not feeling right for me.