Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend Workouts

Friday I joined in my first "Fridaynightsweat" with my new friend, Jamal over at Big Man Shrinking.  The idea is Friday night you work out really hard, take a picture with instagram and tweet about it with the picture to Jamal. 

Friday I always have intentions to work out but I am not always so good at getting it done.  This last Friday was no exception.  The boys had already left with their dad for the weekend so I knew we wouldn't be going to the gym together (that makes me sad).  

I saw the post from Jamal regarding this event.  So I decided it would be a great way to stay motivated and have some fun.  THANKS JAMAL!!!!  I ended up having a great workout led by Lewis at our new training center.   I attended strength and conditioning class.  We did one hour of plyometrics.   I do believe he was trying to kill me.

Post Fridaynightsweat
Saturday morning I was right back at the training center for my box aerobics class. 

 As you can see, right now class is small.  Just the two of us and the trainer were in attendance.  Not a problem.  Lots of attention and lots of hard work.

Ross had us use the gloves to add a little weight resistance to our workout.  HEAVENS!!!  Those one pound gloves felt like bricks by the time we were done.  Thinking I may need to invest in my own gloves.  The ones I used smelled like dirty gym socks and I don't want to think about how many sweaty boys have had them on before me.  I hear they run around $100.  I better stick with boxing for that size of an investment.

Can you believe, another full body shot....hoping one day to see that arm much smaller for sure.

post work out- feeling good
 Silly me to think boxing was going to be my only workout that day.  I spent Saturday night dancing the ngiht away with some great friends.  Two hours of dancing in a hot warehouse type dance studio and I was covered in sweat.  Nice thing about going out of town to do things, no one there knows me except the friends I went with.  I didn't care what the other people thought of me.  I am never going to see these people again so I let loose.  People say women glisten.  No, this was pouring sweat.  Not so cute in a skirt but they say if you are still cute after a workout, you didn't work hard enough.  You know I danced hard when after the 45 minute drive home my hair was still damp....and not from the rain we walked through to get back to the car.

Today, Sunday, I am giving my body a little reprive.  This evening, when my boys are home to join me and the girls, we will take a little stroll along the river.  Otherwise, today is a day of rest for my body.

Happy Sunday everyone!!

Happy SUNDAY!!! 

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