Sunday, July 8, 2012

Making Progress

You would be pretty hard pressed to find me in public without make-up.  In fact, I take my paints with me when I go camping.  I keep it on when I swim.  I don't even take my make-up off to go to bed.  I should, but I don't.  Seriously, do I think perfect make-up will stop a burglar or something? 

A while back someone challenged me to go without make-up for a public.  Couldn't do it.  Then he asked me to at least go without it when I was with him to see how I did.  I could not do it. 

The theories behind my need to wear make-up are extensive.  It is my mask.  I feel more put together.  It helps me feel like I have taken care of myself.  It is a shield.  I only use it to accentuate the natural beauty (even typing that make me cringe).  I could go on.

Truthfully, it is something to hide behind.  If someone says I have nice eyes, I can pass it off that it is the way I apply my eyeshadow or line my eyes that they are truly commenting on.  Always afraid someone actually sees me.  But that is a conversation (or many) for me and my therapist.

In an attempt to appreciate my body and love who I am with no shield, no excuses, Saturday I went without make-up on purpose.  Not a stitch I tell you.  And here is the proof........

driving to Salt Lake to pick up my girls-
not to bad
 Not only did I go without make-up, I went to my OA meeting, hit the corner gas station before heading out of town and went inside to get water, saw my ex-husband and his wife (met her for the first time- the woman he cheated on me with- didn't even feel I had to be all covered in make-up to impress her and him) and I took a picture.  I didn't hide from the camera.

To keep the growth and acceptance coming, today, I had my son take a more full body shot, which I never do.  Time to be real about who I am.  As I strengthen my mind and body, as confidence grows, I can't hide from who I am any longer.  So this is me......

after church

close up, unedited even
In another attempt to accept my body the way it is, I have decided to only weigh twice a month.  My friend Stephanie has been successful with weighing on the 1st and the 15th, so I decided to give it a try.  I can't let that silly number determine how I feel about myself that day.

As this week begins, three cheers for making progress to loving the body I have been given.  I think I actually got a pretty good one!!!!

What do you do to show greater acceptance for the body you have been given?


  1. Tara- you look fantastic in everyone of these pictures- you have gorgeous eyes! I love reading your blog- you truly inspire me to be better- a better mom, a better exerciser, a better eater, and more honest with my self about who I really am- thank you!!

  2. Dito, dito, dito. You are NOT alone. Love ya! Good for you about the scale. One day, you will forget to weigh all together and be amazed when you do weigh and find you are exactly the same. It's amazing! You are beautiful without ANY make up.

    Have a great day!

  3. Tara you are beautiful! I love you and your posts. Keep up the hard work you will win the battle.

  4. You are lovely. No makeup needed! We are opposites about the makeup and I think it is so funny. Everytime my mom sees me she says: "I think you might be getting to the age where it is time to think about makeup." This time she actually gave me some. Three cheers for you!