Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Do I Have a Problem??

After FINALLY cleaning out my travel bathroom bag from June vacation, this is the stash of hotel goodies I collected.  Those deep dark corners can hold oh so much.

Honestly, why do I feel compelled to clean the counters every morning to my bag, allowing the housekeeping staff to replenish while we are out for the day?  It is almost magic/tragic.  I take away and when I ,it is there again.

Pretty sure I will never use these items, at least not as fast as I am acquiring them.  I tell myself they will be great for camping.  I tell myself they are free.  I will use them on my next trip instead of hauling my family size bottles.  NEVER happens.  Have you seen how much hair I have?  It takes four of those conditioner bottles to do anything.  The travel lotions do get used.  They are perfect for my purse and church bag.  But REALLY Tara.....how many of those things am I going to collect?  Not to mention the bars of soap.  We haven't used bar soap in ten years.  Don't anticipate starting now.

Which brings me to my other problem...Bath and Body products.

Don't fret, I only buy on clearance and when I have a $10 off coupon when you spend $40.  I think I paid $1 for each of those Christmas scents on the right side of this picture.  You can never have enough mint chocolate scented hand soap.

 My problem comes when I run out of the body wash before the lotion, or the lotion before the body spray.  Exactly like when the conditioner bottle empties before the shampoo bottle.  I have been compensating by buying two body washes bottles for each set.  See, I don't want to apply more than one scent to my body.  Just doesn't seem right.  Therefore, from shower gel to sparkly body spray, they all have to match.

Which brings me to the bottom picture.  In my house, this is where lotions (top basket) basically go to die.  Bottom basket is the lonesome leftover body sprays.  A few of them match, but without a body wash to start with, they are useless to me.  And since it is forbidden to throw something "useful" away (which I just said in the previous sentence they were not), they gather dust.  I have a jasmine scented lotion from my trip to Hawaii, still resting in this basket.  That trip was over five years ago.

I won't talk much about the middle basket.  That is where my perfume bottles go. Notice the vast amounts of space.  I have never really bought myself perfume.  That was the husband's job(from way back when) or a gift from a suitor.  Jokingly, I say you can tell how long it has been since a man has loved me.  Soon I may have to remove that basket all together.  :) 

Do YOU have any "problems" like I do?  I am not a hoarder (don't look in my garage).  But with a few things, I seem to be a "collector".

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