Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day Four

Hit the gym this early morning for body pump...weight training class.  Off to great start for day four.

Made it through day three of abstinence.....not without angels here to strengthen me.  At the second meeting I attended for OA, a conversation stuck up between myself and another member.  After a while, realizing we work in the same building, we decided to be a support for one another.  It was great to know between email, the phone and just walking upstairs, I had someone to turn to if I start feeling myself white knuckling.

Tuesday we enjoyed lunch together.  Yesterday, I left my office for just a moment.   Upon my return, I found a beautiful card congratulating me on my journey of abstinence.  Later I text my lifelong friend that has attended the meetings with me.  One comment she text back was that when she wants to eat something on her trigger list, she looks at the food and reminds herself that she is worth far more than that ____________(insert whatever food is a trigger).  Truth!!!

After work yesterday I had every intention of getting a second work out in.  However the demands of motherhood, serving others and home pulled me in other directions.  Balance is a word I have to remind myself of daily.  Also to not shame myself for not getting in the workouts that I want.  To everything there is a season.  I am blessed to be at a point where I can leave early in the morning, while my littles sleep, to take care of me.  That is my undivided time to fill me cup.

So here is to day four of abstinence.  I am down 1 lb but I am feeling better each day.  My thoughts are clearer.  I am more productive at work.  My mind is not held captive by thoughts of food all day.

Tonight, my goal is to rest my head on the pillow knowing I valued myself more than the food.  I will close my yes with no feelings of guilt or shame.

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