Tuesday, April 10, 2012


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So here it is.......as much trauma this causes me, it is also cleansing, being honest about the person I am, but also the changes I am making.  Back in November was when I started seeking out a way that would work for me to get healthy.  I posted my weight and goals here.  At that point I was 274.  Went through the holidays, another relationship (ended in February) and at some point I managed to hit 279, my highest.  One week ago, when I started abstinence, I was at 272.  Today, much happier and more motivated than ever, I am at 267.  In one week I have lost 5lbs.  Amazing enough my workout time has been cut in half.  It truly has been the food.  Overall, I have lost 12 lbs.  I can handle that. 

Great work out today.  Awake before my alarm went off, I still don't fly out of bed to hit the gym that early.  However, I love the way I feel after.  So I pull myself from my warm snuggly bed and trudge off to the gym.  Never once have I regretted a workout.

So, like we say at the end of OA.......

Keep coming back, it works.

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  1. Good for you! I love to work out, but there is truth in what you are saying. There are varying statistics out there, but I think the average adage is that while exercise can provide a small cushion, diet is 80 percent of the battle. (Especially for folks like us who are genetically predisposed to have a battle.) Once again, I can only recommend the book: Woman, Food, God. I think it is a great thing to read when reevaluating dietary practices.