Monday, April 9, 2012

Week One Rap Up

I had every intention of getting this posted yesterday but just never found a spare moment and today there have not been many more.  Yet I wanted to get this out there before the high I have been on fades.

Saturday the girls and I participated in our first 5k fun run/walk.  Easter is the one holiday I try to reserve for staying centered on the Savior.  Therefore, I never have been a big fan of community Easter egg hunts.  Not to mention I just don't want the sugar in my home for the kids.  Surprisingly at the last minute I saw this poster for an alternate event to egg hunts.  The Health Department was hosting a 5k and open house. 

We arrived just as the opening whistle blew leaving us to watch the mad rush of people take off.  We unloaded and ran to catch up.  That was my part of the the run/walk.  By the time we hit the finish line we had passed about 10 people....mostly moms with littles....but we weren't last. 

Contreras Girls @ Finish Line
Olaya was not quite sure what was happening.
The event was amazing.  Lots of goodies.  Healthy snacks.  Balloons. Face Painting.  We are putting it on our agenda to participate again next year.  By then I should be able push the jogging stroller and actually do the run.

I attended my third OA meeting after the fun run. Great meeting.  I learn so much about myself at each one.  Always feeling these people know me better than anyone.....and they don't even know me.  I get recharged and refilled.

Saturday night was my family Easter dinner and birthday for my sister.  I avoided the buffet line and just got a green salad with tuna fish.  When the deserts came out I avoided the kitchen all together, managing to leave the dinner with no guilt or shame.

Sunday after church the kids and I took my mom and two of my siblings to a favorite hiking spot, City Creek.  We hiked for and hour and half.

Things I have learned this week:

1. all my activity in the gym never makes me 5k walk (mostly uphill) and I was feeling it all over on Sunday

2. there are people that just can not be happy for your success....they will sabotage with comments like, sure you have done good on your food while at work, but you wont' be able to get through the weekend with that much success....BOOOOOO!!!!

3. not eating wheat has eliminated my heartburn

4. my plantar fascititis is all but gone when I eliminate sugar, wheat and exercise daily

I  realize my success has not been time tested.  I realize at this point my life change is only the next thing in a long list of attempts to gain control of my weight.  I realize however, this time I have support, knowledge and the desire to make sweeping changes to my isn't about my weight anymore.  It is about finding who I am.  It is about my overall health.  It is about sharing healthy choices with my children.

Tomorrow I will weigh myself to see how much I lost thus far.  Hoping for good numbers but already happy with the gains I have made.

Tonight makes 8 times I have rest my head on the pillow with no shame or guilt.  It is a good feeling.  I want more of it.

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  1. "my plantar fascititis is all but gone when I eliminate sugar, wheat and exercise daily"

    I can attest to that; if only I could stay "100% clean" more often!

    A blog is a great place to express yourself (since I pretty much keep it all sweetness n' light on FB)