Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For Today

For today:  In conscious contact with God, I easily face what I cannot bear to look at otherwise.

This morning I am making a more conscious effort to fully experience my moments of solitude.  Solitude is typically a time when I have become uncomfortable with my thoughts, me fears and at times, the very person I am.  Solitude is not something I fins myself in often.  With my children, work, and home every minute of the day can fill before I know it.  Solitude is something I have to seek.  Through my recovery, I am learning that solitude is a time to work through my fears, claim my status as a survivor and explore who I am void of all outside pressures and influences. 

Today I am dedicating 20 minutes to this effort through active meditation.  I can say I am excited to have this time with myself.

What are you doing today to be good to yourself?  Exercise? Meditation?  A special treat at the spa? Reading a good book?  A favorite piece of chocolate?  What do you do to come to know yourself better?

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