Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

Deciding I needed a consistent day to post my weight, Wednesday seemed like a good one.  I can't begin to express all the changes that I have experienced the last 17 days.  To me, the daily changes seem almost insignificant.  I see the scale moving but nothing I can see in the mirror.... yet.  Clothes are fitting a little better but that could be cause they weren't dried in the dryer as long.  :)  Yet, the other day at work, a co-worker saw me (hadn't been in the office for a week) and blurted out I looked great and he could tell I was losing weight.  *BLUSH*  Although I am not seeing it in my reflection quite yet, I am confidant it will happen.

Benefits that I am seeing:
  1. my thoughts are not constantly filled with ideas of food - what will I eat next, when will I eat, should I eat, should I not eat, what are they eating, why didn't I eat that, and on and on....
  2. my appetite has gone down - not sure why that is except that the longer I go without wheat and sugar the lower my cravings for them become
  3. I am eating all day.....I do not limit the quantities I eat......when I want to eat I just make sure it is on my food plan
  4. no heartburn
  5. no plantar fasciitis
  6. more energy
  7. sleeping better
  8. lower depression...or treated with exercise and diet if I feel it coming on
  9. happier
  10. less moody
  11. hopeful
  12. more confidence
  13. made it through a two day, lock us in a room for 16 hours, put sugar treats on every table, training.....and I stayed on plan (only once did I have to ask my co-worker/mother to put her potato chips in her bag and not on the table in front of me)
  14. confidence....did I say that?
So with all my gains......the loss on the scale is becoming a secondary benefit.  That fact surprises even me.  I started all this with the goal to lose weight........ 
I am finding the reward is in the gains.

Since starting abstinence 17 days ago,
Starting weight:  April 1:    274

Today's weight:  April 18:  263.......9 lbs in 17 days

Since my highest in February......279.......down 16 lbs total.

Friends....please feel free to leave your thoughts......the support and encouragement is strengthening and I love to hear what things other people are doing for their health.


  1. You are awesome! That is great! Keep it up!!

  2. All I can say is that I think you are amazing! You are inspiring to me! Keep up the fabulous work!

  3. I will comment because I think you are doing awesome!! Great job! I bet you feel great!!

  4. YAY!!! So excited for you and this wonderful learning experience you are having getting healthy and beating your weight battle! Keep it up, you are inspiring!

  5. Way to go Tara! One of my favorite shows is Biggest Loser and I love how they also find losing weight secondary because they learn so much more about themselves and they are just happier people because they know they are dedicating time for themselves and their health. You are so inspirational. Thanks for motivating me to eat a lot better today. I already went running this morning but I know 70% of losing weight is the eating part. So here is to a day of healthy eating.

  6. Way to go Tara!! So happy and proud of you! You can do this.. you are a very strong woman!! Once I have this little baby girl.. I would love to go walking with you!!! It is always nice to have someone to walk and talk with!! Love ya lady.. Keep it up!!!