Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Be Still

Reason #57 & #58 why I love my job.........

Surprise gifts waiting at my desk when I return to my office.
Sharing my journey of recovery with someone from work.

It took a few weeks to figure it out.  One of my support group members actually works in the same office I do.  Since this discovery we have been able to visit each other when needing a lift, seeking support or just for a friendly visit.  This morning I approached my desk and found a card and gift awaiting me.  The words from the card were restorative and just happen to be from my favorite scripture passage. 

PSALMS 46:10
"Be still and know that I am God . . ."

I posted the card on the cork board in my office.  I will have to post this picture next to it........

Taken at Pacifica, CA Aug 2010

Always great to have little reminders of the journey we make......together.

Day two of being back on abstinence.  Feels good to take care of me.  Made it to my 5 a.m. workout.  That was a first in almost two weeks. Tonight an hour walk with friends around the park....usually 3 miles.  Life is certainly an act of constant balancing.


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