Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weigh In Wed

Sadly I am not as excited for this post as I was for last weeks.  The last seven days have hit a stall, which is ultimately a good thing.  I was hoping the rapid loss would hold out a few more days, although I know slow and steady weight loss is the best for keeping it off. 

Through the week I gained 2 lbs.  Not exactly sure how that happened.  One day when
I calculated my calories, I had only consumed 900 calories and then burned 400-600 in zumba and gained one lb the following morning.  GO FIGURE!!!

While a little discouraging, I have been steadfast.  I have continued eating the foods on my meal plan and kept up my daily workouts.  As I have reflected the last few days, I can imagine it was good for me to see a quick loss to validate my abstinence from wheat and sugar.  THAT WAS/IS HUGE for me.  Had I not seen the loss on the scale I may not have been so motivated to keep at it.  Today I am 31 days abstinent.....WOOT WOOT!!  My hope is that as my body settles into this meal plan, I will continue to lose 1-2 (healthy loss) lbs a week (secretly I wish for 4). 

I am continuing with Tuesday and Thursday evening walks with neighborhood ladies.  We walk about three miles in an hour.  Mon, Wed, and Fri mornings (5 a.m.) are for a 5k, new interest spinning and my fall back the elliptical.  Tuesday and Thursday mornings are for Body Pump, full body weight training.  If I have the time (energy) on Wed night I go to body combat or zumba.  The weekends we try to fit in a family walk along the greenbelt or a hike up City Creek.

Honestly, today, just writing this post is making me tired.  Today I am taking a rest day.  Well, a rest night....I was up at 4 this morning and to the gym by 4:30.  I did my 5K trainer for 30 minutes, elliptical for 15 and then spinning for 30 minutes.  I am honoring my body as it tells me what it needs.  Here it is 7:00 p.m. and I have been in my pajamas since 6:00 p.m. (don't judge me).  Tomorrow I have a full body massage scheduled as a reward for my 30 days abstinence and to get rid of a terrible tightness in my neck.  (Can't wait for that reward....even better if someone else was paying for it.)  Never the less, well deserved if I do say so myself. (Not rewarding with food...this is HUGE!!!!!)

Today......259 lbs....gain of 1 lb over the last week.

Loss since starting abstinence net 15 lbs in 31 days.  (Which I realize is pretty great, all things considered.)

Thanks for listening to me ramble.  I am off to climb in bed and watch a movie. 

Happy Wednesday!!!

Net Loss 15...but I still see physical change even though no lbs lost this week


  1. Yay! So proud of you! Keep in mind that building muscle may be the culprit for the gain! Don't stress....I always average my weight loss for the month, that way the fast weeks average out the slow weeks and it always makes me feel a lot better about everything! : ) Keep it up girly! Love ya!

  2. I'm proud of you!! It is SO hard to want a huge dream and have it take forever to get it...but you will get it! You're doing great!!

  3. Advice, don't weigh yourself so much. A. It's another compulsive behavior, that WE have. B. You're weight will flucuate and weighing will just drive you crazy! Stay on your meal plan, don't worry about the calories. You need to eat, and eat a lot. I eat a lot and managed to lose 1-2 a week, 3-4 in the two. Keep it up, day at a time. You'll look back and wonder where did all the months and pounds go. I promise!! So PROUD of you! Kick the wheat and sugar in the butt. Love ya!