Saturday, May 26, 2012

City Creek, Saturday Morning Tradition & OA

Saturday mornings are starting to be my favorite part of the week.  Over a year ago, my dear friend Kathy, invited me to hike City Creek with her.  This is a local trail for mountain biking, hiking, horses ad really anything non motorized.  The part of the trail we walk is roughly three miles up and back.  We are lucky in Southeastern Idaho to have this in our backyard....seriously right in our back yard.  It has become a great way for my family to start the weeeknd together and with healthy choices. 

Next trip up I will take pictures of the trail.  Each time we joke that we need to one day stop and really enjoy all that the trail has to offer.  For now we are there to beat last weeks time and push ourselves to the top.

This week I tried to stay near the front of the group, my sister Maria, my sister Sharen and my brother Sean.  I really did try.  Didn't want to be at the back hearing the voice in my head saying, "Why can't you walk as fast as Sharen", "Maria makes it look so effortless", "Gosh Tara, you are breathing heavy".  Trying to quiet the negative voices in my head is a greater workout than actually walking up the trail.

I will say I pushed as far as I could (which incidentally turned out to be the last bend before the little turn at the top), only dropping out of my second position to the last and not actually stopping the walk.  I was sad when I realized the top was only tens of feet away.  I could have made it all the way this time without taking a break.  It's OK though.  Something to shoot for next week.  By the time we reached the top my calves were on fire.  Yikes!!! (As I sit at my desk typing, I can feel them aching even now....that's good right?!)

With Sharen leading the way we did not stop at the top.  She kept right on going.  I guess that is good.  And then it started.  The downhill run.  I don't know how it is easier for me.  I can barely run a tenth of a mile around the track but I can run 1.5 miles down the trail.  I figure gravity is pulling on my anyway, might as well put it to good use.  Oh my goodness, does it feel great.  It doesn't hurt, really.  We all spread out, me at the back.  It is now that I feel alive.  Running, or my version of running, for I am probably walking fast. I feel my lungs fill with air.  I feel my heart beat faster and harder.  I feel the perspiration on my back through my sweatshirt.  I feel the cadence of my feet upon the dirt, the earth.  It is now I understand why people like to run.  One day I hope to be one of them.  One day I hope to take my run, hidden behind the trees, to open view.

What a great way to start the weekend.  What a great way to take care of me.  Great to share it with my sisters and brother.

Me and Maria. Still red from the run.
Sharen wouldn't join in the picture.
Maybe next time.
I love my sisters and the example they are to me!!!

My 13 year old brother, Sean.
You rock Sean.
Thanks for joining us.
After the run, I stopped by Excel Weight loss Solutions for Zumba but found only a handyman working in the room (HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT).  Went home and did yoga off Netflix with my girl Belle until 10:00 a.m. when he had to go pick up our Bountiful Basket.  From there I made a veggie omelet using 3 eggs, one tomato, half green pepper, cilantro and a tossing of cheese.  I ate half for breakfast.  Then shower and get ready for Overeaters Anonymous.

Today's meeting only had three of us in it.  However it was a great meeting.  These meetings fuel me.  They help me remember what I am trying to do and why.  Remind me to be gentle with myself but to actively work towards abstinence and recovery.  I left there at 1:00 p.m. feeling refocused.

I do realize I need a sponsor for OA.  Our group in small and young in success.  None of us have many days behind us.  So that is my next find an OA sponsor.  I can start asking on the phone call meetings.  I would prefer someone local that I can see face to face but at this point having any sponsor is better than not having one at all. 

So that is where I am with my Saturday.  Hoping to visit the Field of Heroes but the raining is coming down quite hard outside.  Later this evening the girls and I are going to visit the Lava Hot Pools. 

Thinking of all those that have sacrificed so much for my freedom.  Grateful to enjoy this weekend with my girls.

Until next time,

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  1. Love the walk, the talk and the run. Really am glad to have been invited and can't believe you have been doing it for so long and not invited me.