Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One Day Closer

Today, one step closer to my week goals.  I did go to bed on time last night but found myself awake at 3:30 a.m. unable to get back to sleep (that sucks).  My alarm went off just as I was dosing off.  The voices were telling me to get up but I just couldn't and I am pretty sure the gravitational pull was extra strong directly under my bed right at that moment.  I decided I would have to make up for it by going to the gym after work....which I did.

Meet Steph.......
notice my Hunger Games shirt...I love it.

she is one of the great Body Pump instructors at the gym.  I LOVE when she teaches.  The routines are all the same but she just adds something extra.  Ten minutes into class I was dripping sweat.  Not just a line of perspiration along my forehead.  We are talking it was dripping off my brow as I changed weights on my bar, as we did squats it was drenching the back of my shirt. LOVE IT!!!

From there I zipped over to the middle school track to meet up with my sister and two friends.  Three miles closer to my 15 for the week.....6 down.  It was hard to run tonight after doing all the squats and lunges.  Did it anyway.  My goal is to be able to run the full 5k at the color run in Boise for my birthday in August. 

After this picture I can't help but think of this quote I keep seeing on pinterest

found here
I am thinking tonight I trained hard enough!!!!!!!

In food news.....I have completely been on plan the last two days.  Two days of abstinence.  Can I get A WOOT WOOT!!!???  Already I feel the food cravings leaving.  My focus is coming back. 

And one thing I noticed in gym class tonight.....when it is time to so the standing quad stretch...I no longer have to hold something stationary to get my balance.  I can do them free standing.....Does that deserve another WOOT WOOT!!!????

Small changes yield big results.........

then just as I am working on my fitness goals....I am always focused on recovery.....as I meditate tonight these two thoughts will be in my mind.......

I feel this is true even after only two days of abstinence.

Both Found Here
Looking forward tomorrow's weigh in.  I am not so much concerned with the number on the scale as I am joyful for being good to my body and my soul the last few days.

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