Monday, May 28, 2012

Drug of Choice

Three miles down and twelve to go to reach one of my goals for the week.  Tonight I took the girls over to the middle school to run on the track.  I figure I might as well get them started with walking and running now.  At the park, the kids just want to go play on the toys.  This was great.  The girls went around with me while I did my 5 minute walking warm up and then as I ran/walked they were around me off and on.  After a few laps they  just played in the grass. 

I don't know how many apps can run on an iPhone at one time.  This was a first for me.  I started Pandora with pop fitness radio.  Next started my 5k trainer.  Then opened mapmywalk to track my time and distance.  I cut my 20 minute walk down to 14 for the first mile.  I think that is pretty good (for me).  Overall I did 3.07 mi in 48:26 with a 15:47 min/mile pace. 

Well it is off to bed for me.  I have Body Pump at 5:30 tomorrow morning at the gym and I want to get in 30 min on the elliptical before class.

What a wonderful day!!  Actually is wasn't.  I was in my head all day.  However after getting out this evening, hitting the track and letting it all go.....WOW.....what a drug.  I feel good.  I think I want to do that again tomorrow.


Found Here

This totally makes me laugh. 
 There was a time I would say the only way anyone would catch me running
 meant there was someone close by chasing me with a hatchet.
Not the case today.
Some changes are good, very good.

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