Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Went Anyway

Part of the reason I keep this blog is because I believe in community.  The extrovert in me, gains energy and strength from the energy of others....sort of like a parasite.  :)  No.  I do enjoy people.  I'm a watcher more than anything, taking it all in. 

With my workouts, it is easy for me to go when I have people to go with.  It takes away my excuses.  It gives me accountability.  I get to visit and chat while working out or at least on the way to and from.  Not only do I enjoy my workouts, I enjoy the time I get with my workout friends.

This morning, my workout buddy would not respond to my text messages.  My first thought, WOO HOO, I get to sleep in another hour and a half.  I typically wake up at 4:30 a.m. and am to the gym by 5ish.  When she didn't respond I figured it was a SIGN I should return to the warmth of my blankets.

Then wouldn't you know it....the other voice in my head (not the negative berating one) started whispering......Remember how good you felt Tuesday walking out of the gym after your workout?  This voice is gentle, kind and warm.  It doesn't push or shove.  It taps.  It is a feeling.  A smile.  Again the whisper....Be good to you Tara. 

So, smack in the middle of my cycle (yes, I used the word cycle and yes you all know now when it is), bloated, cramping, throat hurting, cough deep in my lungs, only five hours of sleep and with NO workout buddy response (Avril I love ya- and need a set of keys to your home to drag you out of bed), I went anyway.

On this side of it........ahhhhhhh (long exhale).  I feel great.  I took care of me first thing this morning.  Deep .......out.  Doesn't that feel good?   

What are you doing today to take care of you?  What motivates you to follow your plan?

Happy Thursday everyone!!

One quick I worked out today, standing at the back of the class but still able to see myself in the full wall mirror.........I am starting to see a little shape coming to my rectangle form.  Maybe an hourglass form even.....I would like to think starting to resemble Marilyn Monroe......what a beauty.  I like it.

Copied from a friends facebook post...don't have the link...sorry copywright police
I ADORE this picture.  I actually look forward to this feeling.

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